Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Travelfish : A Bugs Life

A Bugs Life - Exhibition at LEA17, Under the Sky by Yooma Mayo
D of Ourfish takes a snap while giant ants go about their business.

Second Life is, if you can suspend belief and immerse yourself into it, an amazing universe of worlds. It is a vehicle in which you can take a ride in the imaginations of others. As the plains of Second Life are not defined, they are vast and it's hard to navigate. 
SL Stock : A Bugs Life V
Under The Sky - by Yooma Mayo at LEA17

If you are an intrepid traveller and have no fear of creepy crawlies - then one place you may just like to visit is the exhibition by Yooma Mayo in LEA17. Titled " Under The Sky".

SL Stock : A Bugs Life VI

Here,  'Giant' opalescent insects inhabit the surrounds of a stalk of lilly that grows in the center of a shallow pool. The bugs fight over what one can only guess at as a colony of ants to's and fros around the landscape of this epic battle. 

SL Stock : A Bugs Life II

Some fall by the wayside whilst others soar into the sky ...

(Linden Endowment of the Arts)

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