Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Kissingfish : Second Love

The Kissingfish : Second Love II
"Only girl"(in the world) - Rihanna
Is virtual love any less real?
The closing of the day marks the passage of exactly 365 days from when D met A and became digitally smitten.
D's never been comfortable with long treatises about her really personal feelings so there won't be any huge declarations or testaments here. Still, it seemed somehow appropriate for D to try and capture the ephemeral moment, if not in words then in the following and the borrowed words of some other:

The Kissingfish : Second Love I
"We found love" (in a hopeless place) - Rihanna

Yellow diamonds in the light 
And we're standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine 
What it takes to come alive

The Kissingfish : Second Love III
" You da one" - Rihanna

And Yes I'm kinda crazy, 
That's what happens baby, 
When you put it down 
You shouldn't give it to me 
Good like that, 
Shouldn't hit it like that, 
Had me yellin' like that 
Didn't know you would've had me coming back

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