Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Travelfish: Virtual Tourism in China. (Secondlife/China/107/124/1250)

China, China
D and F of Ourfish were remarking to ourselves how we wished there were more places like this in Second Life to visit. China is unique as a place to explore. It's a 3D world made from 2D forms and feels very much like a walk through into the masterful brushstrokes of an ancient calligrapher
The mono-tonal hues, gestured mountains and broad-washed sky create an amazingly tranquil space. 

China is quite an interesting place to photograph as you in-turn become a participant of the art, creating your own painting by gathering 'brush strokes' in a composition from your own perspective.
Some angles might capture a feeling of desolation...

Other angles create a different atmosphere within the "painting"
Finally, after your exploration you can visit the gift shop and buy a souvenir.
For a donation to the sim this snow globe replica of China can be yours.

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