The Fish Chart (Label Key)

To better organise the subjects that I want my blog to be about , this page explains the labels (Fish Market) I use to categorise my blog entries in the form of a fish chart to help you identify specific subject 'species'!

The Fish-Eye Lens :  Feature all technical write ups about my SL photography adventures including tutorials and such like.
The Fashion Fish : Fashion news and product reviews
The Art Fish : Creative and art musings
The Meme Fish : Social media participation
The Odd Fish : Personal musings
The Kissing Fish : On virtual relationships
The Big Fish : News!
The Sad Fish : Some days are better than others
The Flying Fish : Travel and Adventure
The Cheap Fish : Sale/Bargain type announcements
The Lucky Fish : Bragging rights, chanced encounters and other journal worthy moments
Le poisson du jour :  The fish of the day (Random topical miscellany)

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