Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Big Fish : Playing Catchup!

Genre Belle Epoque
For Genre's Belle Epoque round.
It has been a while since I've had the chance to sit down and write again. So whilst I will catch up on my flickr posts - I wanted to write about some of the things that I have been making for a few events around the Grid. The latest being for Genre, which just opened today and for which I have decided to launch my telescopic cigarette holders in two lengths "Maxi" which is 22cm and "Ultra" which is 44cm.

Genre Belle Epoque
Both cigarettes come with a smoking animations hud with priority 3 animations.
Genre Belle Epoque
A separate pack of 12 static smoking poses have also been created to go with this exclusive launch!
I had made this prop for my shoot of a few posts back :

Post Modern Jukebox I
Since then I have been developing this item into a more refined end product. I hope you will like the end results!

Your taxi to Genre is :
You can read more about this event on : Genre @ Wordpress

Also out right now is my sculpture release for the latest hip event to hit the grid " Epicene"

"Nothing is Random" kinetic virtual sculpture launch

Your taxi to Epicene is : You can read more about this event on : 

Last but not least! I have been busy with doing images for my own art exhibition which is being held at the Black Lux Gallery

You're invited! 
I hope you will visit and tell me what you think!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Fashion Fish : Pumec, Agapee, Entwined for March Shiny Shabby

New! Alice Skin (Seen here in January Tone) by Pumec
New! Entwined Hair Alison
New! Agapee Lucy Dress
All fresh from March Shiny Shabby Round.
Picking up the details here with a close crop to the face.
"Alice" by Pumec is also Lelutka and Genesis Head Compatible.
I decide to use my relatively new Catwa Annie Vampire Head for this shot.
Alice (Eyes closed)
There are some really nice things about the Catwa Mesh Head.
It probably has one of the most comprehensive menu of options for customizing your look
such as the ability to alter your eyelash and eyebrow textures.
It also has an impressive range of gestures plus an addon pack for more facial expressions*
*available only to some models of Catwa Mesh head
As you can see in the above pics - whilst the vendor photo presents a very menacing image,
You can wear this particular head in a very normal fashion :)

The Fashion Fish : Spring Has Sprung!

A Spring Face II
Little Branch Willow Trees are seen in this image background. and are perfect heralds of the season.
They are a new release for the March round of Shiny Shabby

The Rebecca outfit from Blue Moon Enterprises is just the thing for spring!

A Spring Face I
Worn here with this beautiful Talia Heart necklace from Empyrean Forge 
I can really appreciate and admire all the beautiful craftwork and detailing in the textures seen here
With the celtic patterns, tartan and embroidery flare running throughout, it also lends a certain medieval ethnicity to the piece.

A spring face
A Spring Face (Detail)
I love the beautiful details that come with Ys&Ys' Belinda Skin (Here in Tone 01).
These pick up very well when using lighting for materials.
The same can be said for this closeup on the New Dela hair "Maddison" for Shiny Shabby's new March Round

Full Outfit Details
Credits : Outfit by Blue Moon Enterprises Rebecca in Leaf (see below) for Fantasy Cream
Worn on Lelutka Simone Mesh Head with Belinda by Ys&Ys and New! Dela Maddison Hair from Shiny Shabby

BMe Rebecka Leal for Fantasy Cream

Blue Moon Enterprises is part of the MFGC Gridwide Network of Merchants in Second Life

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Fashion Fish : March Madness

Can you believe we're in March already?
I haven't had much of a chance to sit down and dedicate myself to blogging as much as I had wanted to but I'm determined to be all caught up by day's end today. There's so much I find myself wanting to tell you; not only about things happening around the grid and so on...
So to get things underway.. Shiny Shabby's March round has opened and there is definitely an air of spring to the collection with many lovely fresh colours, botanicals and eggs as I shall happily reveal over the coming days.

However, I wanted to start with these :

Slumber Party
NEW Bed set (PG Starry Sky versionusing bed poses S1 +S2) from Toiz for Shiny Shabby
NEW Iron War Corset from Noble Creations (For The Secret Affair)
NEW Calico Hair Mabel (from Hairlogy)
 Holding Poppies from [MG] (Monkey Girl) * Gacha Prize*

Slumber Party (detail)
Slumber Party Detail
Tank Girl!
Tank Girl
New! Adventure Back Pack from Noble Creations (We love these guys!)
dets :
New! Katatonic Flat Sock (Prison Detail) and Buckle Boot
dets :
New! [sYs] Straps Belt & Shirt (I've used the size fitted for Belleza Freya for this image)
dets :

Tank girl II
Tank Girl II

Outfit Details in FULL - These images were shot at The Headquarters in Tempelhof Ceiram.

Nobel Creations is part of the MFGC Network of Merchants across the Second Life Grid

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Fashion Fish : Angel in Eden



I wanted to keep this images very true to their original takes and have barely altered them. The images were all inspired by the following creations :

The Credits :

Glinda Diamond ADV
From Eveline In The Box : Glinda Dress with Boa (not worn in above)

2014 June Arcade Anc Eden 50
From {anc} Eden Gacha - Chapel (Rare) in white
From The Little Branch - Wild Forest (Cluster)
Shiny Shabby | February 2016
Lena Hair from Entwined for Shiny Shabby (Feb)

Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Art Fish : Let's Party Like It's 1929

" Let's Party Like It's 1929"
Pose by Anlar Poses from Anais mini series pack out @ Shiny Shabby (Feb 2016)
When I received the blog pack from Bampu Legacies for "The Great Gatsby Headdress", of course I just had to write about it!

Art Deco and Art Nouveau are some of my favourite periods in art and coincidentally - as one of my (many) side projects; I'd been fabricating some hand-drawn art deco style "Great Gatsby" inspired wallpaper which is what I've used in the background to these images.

Bambi is such a creative designer who lavishes so much detail on all of her projects and this one is no exception with its jewelled/embroidered rosettes, feathers and sparkling gem stones. Perfect for every chic flapper living it up in virtual 1920's.

Post Modern Jukebox I
"Post Modern Juke Box I"

Complimenting this lovely headpiece are the beautiful organically shaped set of "Sile" earrings by Kunglers.
"Sile" available as a new release @ Shiny Shabby
Let's party like it's 1929
"Post Modern Juke Box II"
Well, I think I can take my "Blogging" hobby to extremes sometimes - when I have an idea in mind on a sort of image I want to create but cannot find the items I need to make this happen, I make these props myself; which is how this dress and telescopic cigarette holder came to be.

I'll have a mini rant here about the idea that "bloggers" are free loaders begging for free stuff.
This really infuriates me because to reach this point (writing this blog) has been a labour of love with hours invested in creating the dress (2+ hrs), the cigarette (2+ hrs), the look , the shoot and pose (many more hours) - and that's not even including how long it takes for me to sit down and gather my thoughts to compose a blog entry in itself. This culture of misunderstanding really makes me shy away from applying to blog for anyone. *mumbles*

Sometimes I am frustrated at myself for being "trapped" by details - I have this need to get it just so... and this cigarette holder is a good example. I just could not seem to find one on marketplace with the exaggerated length and telescopic detail I wanted in the design like so :

A silly thing that S. finds endearing about me and I find annoying in myself because in the end who is going to look at these details in my image? (Laughs) But you know how it is... I would know and so that is that :
The cigarette itself is made with laid paper and is signed "Oddfish"
This is actually a tribute to
Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes
My Telescopic Cigarette Holder
I imagine it to have been hand turned ebony,
tipped and capped with embellished silver and set diamonds for silly sparkle
Iconic objects have that sort of faff.

Screen captured details of my outfit as is.
Full Creds :
Dress & Cigarette (Made by me)
BamPu Legacies for the J&A 2016 Expo (Feb 26-Mar 5) - The Great Gatsby Headdress
Kunglers Sile Earrings for Shiny Shabby (Now)

Siratama Pearl Bracelet & Breath Gold Gift ring are gifts out at Creator's Collection Box
Hair is *barberyumyum* 49
The Skin that I am wearing here in these images is Rosie from Elysium in Creme worn over Lelutka Simone Head on Maitreya Lara Body with Slink High Feet (adorned with Poute Oasis Heels) 
and IKON Triumph Eyes in Dusk

Other Jewels & Fluff :
Eclectica Dragonfly Ring
Lassitude and ennui Knotted Pearl Necklace (still a fav!)
The Annex Snow Queen Pearl Choker
Birdy Foxy Neck Snuggler {Sugar}

Psst. I made a boo and actually posted and wrote this on my OTHER BLOG first which I hadn't meant to do. Not that it matters because it's all about what I made anyway! *grins*

And finally last but by no means least - these images come with a soundtrack!

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Fashion Fish : Folklorica

Like ink in water...
Like ink in water...
SO ... a few blogs ago I wrote on how lovely it is to be part of the MFGC if only because I get to discover people who are doing fabulous things which are new to me like the magical folk at :
Folklorica in The Water Gardens - a store inspired by things
Nomadic, Celtic, Medieval, Viking, Gorean, Vintage, Japanese,
Chinese, Mongolian, Central Asian, Ancient Worlds, Steampunk, Victorian styles and more.  

Amongst their latest releases is this fitted mesh kirtle :

This inspired me to create the image "Like ink in water"
The kirtle may be most often associated with Gor type rp costumes, but I still think that this design bridges that gap because of its timeless shape. With its raggedy ends, it can even look quite modern.
Even though it has not been rigged for mesh bodies, this still fit fairly well on my Maitreya Lara 3.5.

They even provide a guide on how you might fit the clothing with appropriate alpha recommendation in a helpful accompaniment like so.

Folklorica's alpha template guide is part of the packaged outfit.

Screen capture of complete outfit details.

Being an oddfish, I suppose I have adopted virtual fish as a sort of personal mascot and like collecting all sorts. Some day I'll probably have a go at trying to photograph every fish associated item of inventory that I have (which at this point stands at slightly over 56k)

The simbiosis fish from anc however, happens to be modeled on a fish that I have a particular fascination for called the Arowana or Fish of Paradise.

Arowanas are solitary, carnivorous fresh water fish.

A previous test shot and version (straight from SL)