Friday, 5 February 2016

The Meme Fish : Black is Beautiful . & ..


I came by this challenge from reading about it on Amelie Fravoisse's Flickr ; which I think is superb.

The challenge :
  • You should take a picture using a black skin, the other components of your look is of your own choosing.
  • Name your photo as follows: [Your name] Black is Beautiful Challenge - Photo [1]. You can put this information in the description of the image if preferred.
I wanted to keep the photography simple but to make use of materials and mesh which enables you to really bring out light reflection that is true of real life portraits of this ethnicity - eg :

Coincidentally I could not credit this image properly not knowing where it came from exactly
But having tried to trace its root, I came across this artist
To me that is the beauty of Black skin and it is not something I had truly worked on achieving before although I have featured other similar images in my posts before now.

Challenge Complete!

Technical Screen Capture
As you can see, what is captured on my screen is highly saturated colour.
All I've done in my final images is simply to tone this down
in order to bring out more contrast between light and dark.
Credits :
Skin by Pumec  (Alsou in September with Brown eyebrows) 
applied over Lelutka Aria Head on Maitreya Lara Body 

Hair  by Emotions (Alison - Brown) was a free gift at the 2013 Hair Fair!

Eyes are by Dead Apple (Sorrow Eyes - Brown) - I really liked these for their reflective quality.

Makeup by Ys&Ys from Teresa Skin and Makeup Applier for Lelutka (Tone 04)
I absolutely adore the makeup palettes from Ys&Ys as they can be worn with many other skin types.

Dress is the Irving Cutout Dress in Black by RAMA

ieQED pirate doubloon hoop earrings (pair) and necklace (rare) from ieQED's pirate coin gacha
Nose chain is a Marketplace Purchase from  BLOKC - simple but well designed with the chain part and nose ring made in two separate mesh pieces to help with adjustability.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The (Fantasy) Fashion Fish : MFGC, BamPu Legacies, Noble Creations

Pixie nap
Pixie Nap
The Last Unicorn (Full)
Last Unicorn
Over on my Flickr stream I've been feeling very inspired by magical folk.

The boho style silver jewelry from Rucy Byron @ Aphorism inspired this Arabian Nights fairy tale pictorial. This collection is a gacha that is now on at Shiny Shabby

Pixie Nap
The beautiful and intricate curled metal work combined with roses and pearls by Noble Creations is the inspiration for this tender pictorial

Last Unicorn
Created for Fair Play, this Unicorn Muse headpiece is from BamPu Legacies by Bambi Chique and my inspiration for this fantasy pictorial

Friday, 29 January 2016

The Fashion Fish : On things Shiny Shabby

Line up for January's round of Shiny Shabby 
As an event, Shiny Shabby is quite unique - drawing together some top designers who offer a diverse and interesting assortment of things to suit a wide variety of tastes.
There is often a Boho eclecticism to the collection that suits me to a T, and I'm always excited when a new round starts. There's also the fact that each round doesn't always have the same designers participating and it's possible to see what is new, talented and interesting around the grid here.
These are some fashion looks that I've put together from just this current January round :

Pop Portrait
Pop Portrait : Real Evil Ind (Gloves), Bauhaus Movement (Hat), Meva (Necklace)
Fetch ( ♫ Halcyon and on and on and on )
Fetch : Pure Poison (Hat) Amiable (Dress) Little Branch (Grass)

Shreded studies in Grey areas.
Shredded studies in Grey : Entwined (Hair) Rama (Dress)

Cold as eyes (Full)
Cold as eyes : Azoury (Hat)

Shiny Shabby isn't just a Fashion event. There are also quite a few furniture offerings as well as some amazing landscape pieces:

Mend (To Fix, To Repair)
Mend (Fix, Repair) : Kunst Workshop Gacha I & II
Like Moths to a Flame...
Like Moths to a Flame : Convair Pulley Lamp
SL2Flickr : In the presence of giants
In the presence of giants : Little Branch (Bald Cypress)

You can read more about this event on Shiny Shabby's awesome website Or take a look at the amazing Flickr streams! Shiny Shabby Bloggers and Shiny Shabby

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Meme Fish : MFGC Blogger Challenge Jan 2016

Live Extraordinary (Even dolls have adventures)
Live Extraordinary (Even dolls have adventures!)
Drink Tea!
Drink Tea !
Drink Tea! (Director's Cut)
Drink Tea ! (Director's Cut)
BambiChicque is the the Official Blogger Manager of the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier and works tirelessly to promote the MFGC and to challenge MFGC bloggers creatively.
This is the first time that I've involved myself in such an enterprise - despite having had my blog for several years, I've never really got into the social media aspect of having a blog as much.

I do think it's good to have new challenges in a new year and this will be one of them!

●▬▬▬▬▬● - ̗̀ SOME RULES  ̖́- ●▬▬▬▬▬●

♥ Theme:  It's A Fantasy New Year" ♥

♥ No modern/fashion items or clothing or theme.

♥ Must be roleplay, medieval, elven, dwarfin, angelic or anything related to "fantasy"!

♥ Must utilize something from MFGC Designer's 
furniture, decor, housing, dwellings, home & garden, etc.  
(Not just set out a plant or candle).

♥ Must utilize something from MFGC Designer's clothing, 
wardrobes, accessories, skins, tattoos, etc..

♥♥ Remember, you can always set up, take photos and rez at Dandelion Daydreams Factory if you don't have a place for yourself.  Contact them for rez rights.  (This is our MFGC Headquarters sim)

♥♥ This challenge is also a welcome to any other person who loves to blog, photograph and post in flickr.  Anyone may join the challenge.  But the gallery will be available to only our MFGC Blog Team.
If you fancy having a go why not give it a shot?

I like my images to speak for themselves so I try not to be too rambly about them. 

Noble Creations who are part of the MFGC has designed the beautiful bath which I have transformed into a ship for my Dolly's adventures. They are also responsible for the deer chair and antique table/chair sets
Out at TFC from 21st till 15th Feb

Out at Secret Affair (till 29th)

Blue Moon Enterprises designed the rather handsome Fit Mesh costume attire my Male Dolly (Mr McDreamy) is wearing in " Live Extraordinary". It fits surprisingly well and this is a boon as it's not easy to find clothes to fit my Male COCO Doll

Other credits are as follows :
In "Live Extraordinary"

From Noble creations (part of MFGC)
[NC] - Sacred Bathtub GOLD
[NC] - War Ground Standard (For the Secret Affair till 29th Jan)

From Shiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Woof "Not Happy"

From Blue Moon Enterprises (part of MFGC)
BME Mouse King Outfit - This is fitted mesh and fits relatively well over COCO Male Doll.
BME Holiday Nutcracker Collection (Packaging) 

Naminoke MARIN BUNNY B #5
{anc} garden. oldbook4Li
Birdy - [Alchemy] Story Book - Pigaroo - Pink
Birdy - [Alchemy] Story Book - Grumpkin - brown
Tabloid & Ma Vie.- Shaka Brah Surfboard - Shark Attack! (Rare)
dust bunny . life ring

Freebies on MP
Treasure Chest by Lora Lemon (Free)
//P.O.R\\ Thin Rapier (Sheath) (Free)

In "Drink Tea!"

The new stuff here is
Cheshire Cat Dress & Shoes by Remarkable Oblivion for Epiphany Gacha (I threw lots of money at this machine because the dresses and shoes are just wonderfully detailed and at $75L a pop, honestly a bargain.)

Signage " Down the Rabbit Hole" and " Mad Hatter Tea Party" from Boudoir. Boudoir have made quite a few lovely Alice in Wonderland Props and I thought these were just perfect for my ideas.

The Antique Table and Chairs + Deer Chair come from Noble Creations.

Alot of Vintage Arcade Stuff including some place settings and chairs from 
Handverk Mad Tea Party Gacha and various other bits and pieces that I have hoarded and collected over the years.

My Doll Head is Gacha too  (Julia in Milk by Genesis Labs) - I've always thought that her frozen smile was a little creepy and never quite used it in making images .. till now. I think it's perfect here for being quite Cheshire catty!

For any other details that you may wish to know but are not listed here, please feel free to ask! I'll be happy to elaborate with more information if you need it!

Technical Screen Capture:
WL & Wardrobe details for " Drink Tea!"

Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Art Fish : Flights of Fantasy & Noble Creations

Together we can bring the storm
Together we can bring the storm I
I'm quite eclectic in my image making process and this is constantly influenced by the creations of others in my virtual adventures .
There's a sort of definitive aesthetic to classical fantasy images ala. dungeons and dragons. No doubt this had a large influence in my own approach in staging this shoot.

Together we can bring the storm II
Together we can bring the storm II

I love that transmutable nature of SL. One day vampire, next day warrior princess! Noble Creations (part of MFGC is the main inspiration for my classical Fantasy image today and this gorgeous gorgeous shoulder dragon from Katatonic (Just sized up!) The New Stuff :
From Noble Creations @ Secret Affair - Amazon Warrior Crown (Ends 29th Jan)
In Noble Creations Main Store : Pauldrons and Cape (sized for both M&F) as well as these Thief Boots (They are Unisex not rigged so you can resize them via inbuilt script )
Calico Hair makes some great hair that has this fantastical element to it and this one is 'Febe' from Hairlogy
 I'm using poses from An Lar poses. Both "Simpli III" and  "Honour" Series are from Shiny Shabby.
For Full details of WL, Outfit and Pose - See Screen Capture.

I thought I would also show you how I transform my original takes in SL and give them more drama.
The original screen shot for " Together we can bring the storm I"
I plan to increase the contrast in these pictures so when I take them,
I take them dark but light the models for contrast
This is most illustrated in the model's arm.
You can see I have set up two light sources (front and back)
 in order to create this outline of light.
For light reflections to work well in SL you must have advanced lighting on.
The original screen shot for " Together we can bring the storm II"
I created this set using " Welsh rock and cliffs" set from Fanatik
and surrounding the base with {anc} mist Heavenly Blue
I also set this up at about 1000m from ground in SL to achieve this horizon line effect
My own photograph of storm clouds above my own house ;-)
While it will be too innumerable to discuss what type of techniques I employed exactly in this little blog,
the main technique I use in Photoshop is layering.
To create more drama in my images,
I have layered over the storm clouds onto my images in order to achieve the end results.
Other details of note :
I'm using the corset part from a B@R outfit I also used in my steampunk dolly shoot taken long before I became a Genre designer myself!
The Axe is from an outfit by Poet's Heart called Barbaric. Unfortunately you're not able to see in these shots that it actually has a very ornate bear shaped handle.
The arm wraps are a gacha prize I won from an FGC round by DPD.

As always, I'm happy to help out with any other info you need regarding anything you see in my images and would like to know more about.

Friday, 22 January 2016

The Fashion Fish : Tentacio, Elysium and Shiny Shabby Opens!

I can see in the dark
I can see in the dark
The Imbalance of Light and Dark
The Imbalance of Light and Dark I
The Imbalance of Light and Dark II
The Imbalance of Light and Dark II
It's a pleasure to be able to showcase some of the things that are out in Shiny Shabby this round because they are crafted with such skill! I find them very inspiring in my own image making and I hope you will too! Or if image making isn't your bag, then just for the pure pleasure of dressing up your own persona!

I really like this item from May Tolsen's Tentacio for this round called "Black Duchaness" - it is a three piece accessory consisting of veil, crown and roses.
Also I think the new Elysium skin " Rosie" by Aleida Rhode is worth a mention for its beautiful detailing and naturalistic tones. I love the shape of the brows which I think really adds to the character of the model.

Finally there's this amazing rigged Vampire backlace by dM! which is available to buy in store Here! (yes I've looked it up for you and this SURL should take you straight to it!) :
Pose and Outfit Details
Shiny Shabby's January Round Poster

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Fashion Fish : Lyrical B!zzare in full gear + Shiny Shabby's new round!

My Clockwork Heart
My Clockwork Heart
Please use style mode to begin... 2
Hello : Please use style mode to begin
Please use style mode to begin... 1
Hello :  I think I'm stuck on shop demo

Choonspiration :
I was listening to this track from "Fair Children" by OTT called The Bicycle Of The Sky and it seems as appropriately eclectic as the images I ended up creating.

Technicals :
I haven't captured the light settings on these as I was playing around with them so much I forgot to do so before I disassembled the set but I did capture the style notes as follows :

Model Style Notes 
Credits :
I've been meaning to use these fabulous robots I got in a round of gacha called "The Gathering". They're from Kalopsia and I didn't realise just how fabulous they were till rezzed!

Lyrical B!zzare is an amazing designer that really does just get better and better with her technical skills in creating these intriguing fashions. My inventory list reads likes an evolution of style from her brand. She's also incredibly generous as these fashions are full perms - meaning you can remix them as you like and even resell them if you wish.

In these images my modelling doll is wearing :
New Stuff:
Amacci Hair - Serena (Longer Bangs) <- I love that Amacci has some really vibrant colours in their colour packs.
!Lyrical B!zarre - Steam Love Choker & Whisp Dress.
Essenz Glasgow Ankle Booties (I'm using the ones for Maitreya)

Other Stuff :
Lelutka Simone Head with Maitreya Body and skinned with Ys&Ys Teresa (from last round of Shiny Shabby)
Desiree by Zibska - Berry Hat
B.C.C My Prince Clockwork Doll Key (Copper) Gacha
Also wearing The Mesh Project hands in their off the shelf form (TMD  offers their basic Mesh body for free so you can try it out.) They come with the revolving bands around them that sign " Please use style mode to begin"
Naminoke Candy Spoon Panda.