Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Travelfish : A is for Aardvark

D thought it would be an interesting idea to explore ways of travelling in SL instead of going to the usual places - to try and find some of the paths less trodden. So to that end the alphabet challenge was devised. D would key in the first word from the picture dictionary into SL search and see what would come up. That would in theory be 26 new places that Ourfish might never have visited before… *Types in search* A search for Aardvark unfortunately yielded very few results for travelling purposes. *Sad face*
Screen capture of SL search © Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved
This image is used for illustrative purposes*
And so Ourfish's next stop was Abacus.
Screen capture of SL search © Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved
This image is used for illustrative purposes*

The Island of Abacus is currently home to [[ Blue Goose ] Designs
[Blue Goose ] Designs is the current occupant of Abacus Island.

A possibly interesting thing to know about this place is that it was formerly known as NLimbo.
This shop has a generous footage of space and a pleasant layout that's easy enough to navigate.
Through its central doors,you are greeted with a rather noisy reception area but the arrangement of goods is such that you are able to tell the departments straight off at a glance.
Blue Goose specialise in Poses, Skin, Tattoos and Clothing.

As it seemed rather rude to take photos of the poses within the store D did not, but there are some quite interesting ones and we purchased.

The store also has a loyalty program which enables you to gain up to 50% off on its goods
"For every purchase that you make with us starting on 6-5-11 (excluding single poses  purchased off pose stand however pose pack for the singles are included) you start earning credit to move up to your next discount break" and tabled by percentage it can come up to a good bit
amount spent          % of your discount

   2500                                      5%
   5000                                   10%
   7500                                   15%
 10000                                  20%
 12500                                   25%
 15000                                   30%
 17500                                   35%
 20000                                   40%
 22500                                    45%
 25000                                   50%

The skins and clothes are of a decent quality although somewhat templated.
The average price of a pose is $L250 which isn't horrific but not competitive as there are many decent pose makers out there offering similar goods.

In all, an interesting enough visit and worth a gander (pun intended)

 *Linden Lab Official : Snapshot and machinima policy

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