Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Fish Tale :Toy Story ( Also Titled 'If you love someone don't set them free')

1. Introducing Dita Doll
Toy Story : 1. Introducing Dita Doll
Once upon a time there was a much treasured pale,precious doll that lived mostly in a glass case.

2.The Case Gets Broken
Toy Story : 2. The Case Cracks
One day, quite by accident - the maid tipped the glass case over whilst dusting…

3.Dita Doll Enters The Big Bad World
Toy Story : 3. Dita Doll Enters the Big Bad World
Discovering that the magical enclosure she had once lived in was broken, Dita Doll stood up…

4.Dita Doll Lost A Contact Lens
Toy Story : 4. Dita Doll Lost a Contact Lens
The world seemed vast in comparison to the gilded cage in which she had been given a home….

5.Dita Doll Peers Over The Shelf
Toy Story : 5. Dita Doll Peers Over the Shelf
Dita Doll peers into the abyss that is the floor below so seemingly vast and endless…

6.Dita Doll Is Broken
Toy Story :  6. Dita Doll is Broken
Unused to being without the protection of her enclosure, Dita Doll is overwhelmed…
The End.
  Toy Story : The End

What do you do with a bunch of hunt trinkets, a kitchier than kitch efelump, a TDR steal and a dolly case? Well if you're D - it's story time of course!

A Toy Story Starring  Dita Doll, Elly Phant and Big Circus Ball.

Dita Doll 
Modal Shaped by Dita's Diabolique
[sYs] DOLL Skin
Poetic Colors - Autumn Moon (Freebie Eyes)

Steam Bound Drosselmeyer Doll (Steam Hunt Prize)
D!va Hair 'Diva' Mercury (Diamond Is Mine Hunt Prize)

Using Animare 
with TeaSoup - Emotional Set

Youmeshoujo Elephant
Ballerina Doll Case by Clarissa Milena  

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