Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Art Fish : Let's Party Like It's 1929

" Let's Party Like It's 1929"
Pose by Anlar Poses from Anais mini series pack out @ Shiny Shabby (Feb 2016)
When I received the blog pack from Bampu Legacies for "The Great Gatsby Headdress", of course I just had to write about it!

Art Deco and Art Nouveau are some of my favourite periods in art and coincidentally - as one of my (many) side projects; I'd been fabricating some hand-drawn art deco style "Great Gatsby" inspired wallpaper which is what I've used in the background to these images.

Bambi is such a creative designer who lavishes so much detail on all of her projects and this one is no exception with its jewelled/embroidered rosettes, feathers and sparkling gem stones. Perfect for every chic flapper living it up in virtual 1920's.

Post Modern Jukebox I
"Post Modern Juke Box I"

Complimenting this lovely headpiece are the beautiful organically shaped set of "Sile" earrings by Kunglers.
"Sile" available as a new release @ Shiny Shabby
Let's party like it's 1929
"Post Modern Juke Box II"
Well, I think I can take my "Blogging" hobby to extremes sometimes - when I have an idea in mind on a sort of image I want to create but cannot find the items I need to make this happen, I make these props myself; which is how this dress and telescopic cigarette holder came to be.

I'll have a mini rant here about the idea that "bloggers" are free loaders begging for free stuff.
This really infuriates me because to reach this point (writing this blog) has been a labour of love with hours invested in creating the dress (2+ hrs), the cigarette (2+ hrs), the look , the shoot and pose (many more hours) - and that's not even including how long it takes for me to sit down and gather my thoughts to compose a blog entry in itself. This culture of misunderstanding really makes me shy away from applying to blog for anyone. *mumbles*

Sometimes I am frustrated at myself for being "trapped" by details - I have this need to get it just so... and this cigarette holder is a good example. I just could not seem to find one on marketplace with the exaggerated length and telescopic detail I wanted in the design like so :

A silly thing that S. finds endearing about me and I find annoying in myself because in the end who is going to look at these details in my image? (Laughs) But you know how it is... I would know and so that is that :
The cigarette itself is made with laid paper and is signed "Oddfish"
This is actually a tribute to
Sobranie Cocktail Cigarettes
My Telescopic Cigarette Holder
I imagine it to have been hand turned ebony,
tipped and capped with embellished silver and set diamonds for silly sparkle
Iconic objects have that sort of faff.

Screen captured details of my outfit as is.
Full Creds :
Dress & Cigarette (Made by me)
BamPu Legacies for the J&A 2016 Expo (Feb 26-Mar 5) - The Great Gatsby Headdress
Kunglers Sile Earrings for Shiny Shabby (Now)

Siratama Pearl Bracelet & Breath Gold Gift ring are gifts out at Creator's Collection Box
Hair is *barberyumyum* 49
The Skin that I am wearing here in these images is Rosie from Elysium in Creme worn over Lelutka Simone Head on Maitreya Lara Body with Slink High Feet (adorned with Poute Oasis Heels) 
and IKON Triumph Eyes in Dusk

Other Jewels & Fluff :
Eclectica Dragonfly Ring
Lassitude and ennui Knotted Pearl Necklace (still a fav!)
The Annex Snow Queen Pearl Choker
Birdy Foxy Neck Snuggler {Sugar}

Psst. I made a boo and actually posted and wrote this on my OTHER BLOG first which I hadn't meant to do. Not that it matters because it's all about what I made anyway! *grins*

And finally last but by no means least - these images come with a soundtrack!

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Fashion Fish : Folklorica

Like ink in water...
Like ink in water...
SO ... a few blogs ago I wrote on how lovely it is to be part of the MFGC if only because I get to discover people who are doing fabulous things which are new to me like the magical folk at :
Folklorica in The Water Gardens - a store inspired by things
Nomadic, Celtic, Medieval, Viking, Gorean, Vintage, Japanese,
Chinese, Mongolian, Central Asian, Ancient Worlds, Steampunk, Victorian styles and more.  

Amongst their latest releases is this fitted mesh kirtle :

This inspired me to create the image "Like ink in water"
The kirtle may be most often associated with Gor type rp costumes, but I still think that this design bridges that gap because of its timeless shape. With its raggedy ends, it can even look quite modern.
Even though it has not been rigged for mesh bodies, this still fit fairly well on my Maitreya Lara 3.5.

They even provide a guide on how you might fit the clothing with appropriate alpha recommendation in a helpful accompaniment like so.

Folklorica's alpha template guide is part of the packaged outfit.

Screen capture of complete outfit details.

Being an oddfish, I suppose I have adopted virtual fish as a sort of personal mascot and like collecting all sorts. Some day I'll probably have a go at trying to photograph every fish associated item of inventory that I have (which at this point stands at slightly over 56k)

The simbiosis fish from anc however, happens to be modeled on a fish that I have a particular fascination for called the Arowana or Fish of Paradise.

Arowanas are solitary, carnivorous fresh water fish.

A previous test shot and version (straight from SL)

The Fashion Fish : Current Events!

Anniversary Round_February // OPENING Feb 20th, 12 PM SLT
Shiny Shabby's Anniversary Round!
This upcoming round of Shiny Shabby promises to be most exciting given it's the Anniversary round with lots of great vendors celebrating the event and generously offering gifts to mark the occasion! Definitely not one to be missed!

There are a ton of things going on at the moment concurrently; such as 

Enchantment (Last Unicorn Themed)

The Hentai Fair (This event is brand new!)

To name a few, and you get the sense that spring has sprung with this immense burst of creativity flowering all over the grid (including Flower Power ).

I haven't managed to visit them all yet though if you're only just reading about these things, a really great website to visit for current news on events around Second Life is Seraphim.

I thought I'd blog about a few of the looks I've put together recently from some of the above events as follows :

Pitch Black (Float) ♫
Pitch Black (Float)
Pitch Black (Glow)
Pitch Black (Glow)
Pitch Black (Macro)
Pitch Black (Macro)

For the series "Pitch Black"

Preview for Shiny Shabby
MINIMAL Cheesire (Earrings, Necklace)

Items from Enchantment (Last Unicorn Round)
{S0NG} ::Vale:: Aqua Eye
Meva Claws (Silver) for Maitreya
E.V.E KOI Last Unicorn

Items from Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Light Dragon Shawl by {aii} (<3<3<3!!! from FGC)

Classic Stuff *
booN ED1998 Hair (Blonde)
CLAVv. Mechanical Ant Bulb Mono
All worn over Maitreya Lara 3.4 with 
Lelutka Simone using Ys&Ys Belinda Applier with Ys&Ys Sparkle Makeup 
Eyelashes (Free VIP Gift from Maitreya)

Items worn for "Pitch Black"

SL is a world where pigs can fly...
Pigs can fly
You can stand under my umbrella... ♫
You can stand under my umbrella
SL Unicorn Princess (Scene 3) - The Newbie
Unicorn Princess : Chirp chirp (1 of 3)
Whilst these set of images may seem quite unrelated, they were created around pieces of object d'art made by Noble Creations for the Cosmopolitan Showroom (On till 27th of Feb) as well as Enchantment.

For "Pigs Can Fly"
Noble Creations Aviator Hat (Out for cosmo round)
::K:: JD Overcoat (Unisex)
{Livalle} Chyna Lace up Platform Boot (Fits Maitreya Lara and others)
**RE** (Real Evil Industries) Bow Leather Glove

The Classic Stuff
ISON Side Lace Pants (in Tan) 
Remarkable Oblivion Ski Goggles (Carbon Rare) 
22769 Doublerocket Copper (Common) 
MadPea WPD Harry Hamhock

For "Unicorn Princess"
Noble Creations for Enchantment Princess Unicorn Headpiece
And Crystal Necklace
Featuring Livia from Calico Hair

Items worn for Unicorn Princess

*Classic stuff is what I label all items that are from past events, seasons or just generally older acquisitions. 
These may no longer be available for purchase at this time of writing. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Oddfish : Facebook Newbie

I know....
Most of the world (the bits that matter apparently) are already on Facebook.

I'm late to the party! (I was stuck in TP)
Also I only have 1 friend! :))

Betty No-Mates

Friday, 12 February 2016

The Fashion Fish : Mystique

Shield Maiden
Shield Maiden
Mystique is a new merchant that I have not blogged about before now though signing up for MFGC news has clued me in to a lot of interesting Fantasy designers I'm glad to say,

Closer up you can see what great leather detail there is in the texturing of this  item

Screen capture of outfit as worn for this shoot.

[M] Talindra BrownAD
Vendor image of item in full (a steal at L$299) Go Shopping!
or visit Mistique on MP

Full Credits :

Mistique - Talindra (in brown) Consisting of Underbust corset, Pauldron/Chest Armour Piece and Skirt. (
The textures on this outfit are pretty awesome! While this does fit over Maitreya Lara in this image, the alphas for this mesh body do not match well for the corset part. Particularly at the back where you have a nice lace detail and bare back design, this is problematic. However this outfit comes in three separate parts and is perfect for mix and match. I'm using size M for Armour and Skirt and S for the Corset

Shield and Axe from Poet's Heart (Barbaric
Clark Horns Headdress from Pure Poison (Love the details on this neat little Gacha Prize!)
Talon Ringset (fitting Maitreya 10) from ieQED
22769 Shoulder Dragon#3 Creme

Ikon Ascension Eyes (Bronze) worn with Elysium's Rosie Applier and my own first attempt at makeup for Lelutka Mesh Heads.
Hair is Randa from Truth.

Pose: Del May's Kick Off (tweaked a little for this scene using Anypose BVH)

Mistique is part of the MFGC network of merchants across the grid.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Le poisson du jour : Homebase in SL & Machinimation

Good Kitty (Now with Video!)
Good Kitty
Credits : This gorgeous fur coat comes from COCO and is out in Shiny Shabby at the moment.
(Bastet Head from Pixicat (Gacha Prize) together with TSG Good Kitty Collar and KC Shoes)

Bear with me :-)
I'm always finding something new to learn about blogging so this is kind of an elaboration on some of the things I've experimented with.

It's not always easy to blog about a piece of furniture from a practical point of view ie. how is it to use? I think the SL Grid and furniture makers are divided on this point.

On the one you have makers that excel in design and so the furniture looks great but isn't particularly full of animations that can be considered " Useful" in your Second Life experience.

On the other you have makers that excel in imagination but not execution. So perhaps their furniture looks less "chic" but is irrelevant to you from a role-playing/living point of view.

Then of course you have the few who are good at both - but this also comes with a price tag outside what you might be willing to invest in $L for.

Sometimes I live a little in both worlds in my SL experience ie. The highly aesthetic, "glam" world of art and design - and the more "I can imagine this cardboard box is a castle" world inhabited by people who play.

Somewhere in the middle perhaps is where we might find Homebase Furniture.

Coincidentally Homebase in the UK is the brand of a DIY/Sundries/Garden Centre chainstore.

This Lap dance chair from Homebase SL has a pretty worn and simple aesthetic. The shop does not, at this time of blogging , have a comprehensive presence on MP and any information I have managed to glean about them has been hard won! They have a facebook page  and an in world store which is interesting but slightly chaotic to navigate in. That's ok :) my brain is quite like that myself.

Made in 100%  Mesh, the chair comes in Black or Red and is scripted with AV Sitter to seat two persons without the need for messing around with poseballs. The two sitting arrangements can also work independently, with some single sits to choose from if you are in the chair, and a variety of dances to play with; if you are the entertainment. The chair I have featured here is described as Red but depending on your windlight settings, it can appear closer to being a sort of Russet brown.
There are not many simple casual poses in this piece as it dives straight into the action with a menu for Lap Dancing/Slave Dancing and Sex

To better illustrate the sort of animations you might find in the chair,
I've made this little machinima!

It's really quite a fun little thing and I hope it gives you a little tease. <3

It isn't too hefty land impact wise at a relatively slim 4LI with Copy Mod permissions. I can see this being quite good at clubs.

For the price which is $L250 it won't break the bank and the animations are mo cap. Also being scripted with AV Sitter means you can adjust and save your personal settings if you do not quite fit the animations in its default.

Homebase SL is part of the MFGC network of merchants across the grid.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Fashion Fish : Breeze & Divergent

Dauntless -  Sometimes when you fall you fly...
I've lots to write about really and my flickr stream is happily trickling along with all sorts of images I've made inspired by designers and events across the grid.

I have written a few blogs about Blue Moon Enterprises before and it's truly not hard to do as I find myself inspired by what they create and over such a vast range of items as well! I've been playing movie catchup over on Amazon prime. I'd seen "Divergent" on an aeroplane but never quite invested in its sequel. Still, as far as movies go - if you don't poke too many holes in the already thin plot, it's quite enjoyable.



The outfit in the above images is Breeze by BME  and has been crafted for the Fair Play event. The Fair Play event itself is an interesting one as it sets out to raise funds for Parkinsons and RFL .
This is one area in which  Second Life® might differ from other online "games".

I wanted to capture the details (and spirit) of Breeze - to show off the great leather/suede textures used together with the almost barely visible celtic pattern on the chest plate. These are things that I really admire and enjoy in creations - the subtle details that someone has thought off which you might hardly notice but that are there if you care to look. I'm very much that way myself.

The full outfit comes in several wearable parts - Skirt, Pants, Bustier and Arm Bracers. This enables you to mix and match your personal style. It is also fitted mesh* (for Slink though I've worn it in these pictures over Maitreya Lara) or to wear in full as in "Dauntless".

I've modelled it here with the Safeguard Necklace from Minimal which is out in Shiny Shabby (Till the new February round starts!) as well as this great new hairstyle (Arya) from Calico Hair for the We <3 RP event . This hair comes in two options for wearing and has a Hud that enables you to change the colours of the accessories in your hair. It also comes in a good range of different colour packs to suit most. It is rigged fairly well as you can see in the above images.

*Whilst this works fine for my photographs it may not wear as well with your AO.

Background for "Dauntless" was shot in Dead End

BME is part of the MFGC Network of Fantasy and Medieval ware merchants in Second Life.
More info on MFGC is on their website

The Odd Fish : Sometimes Naughty Sometimes Nice (On Blogspiration and Sponsorship Deals)

I'm flexible
I'm Flexible
(Chair Prop, Bow Leather Gloves)

Quiet Time
Quiet Time
(Bookcase, Earrings)
Quite often it's the prop, dress or accessory that will inspire an idea for the images that I make. Lately though I've been thinking about this process and other such ponderings between what makes a fashion photograph different from an art photograph or a blog photograph and so on...
For someone like me, I do try to make images to please myself and often that treads a fine line between what will showcase a product and what will lend voice to my own artistic expressions.

I can certainly understand when sponsors make certain demands of bloggers such as requesting that outfits be shown clearly and in their entirety or similar. Lately there's been a profusion of blogger searches with an upfront list of demands such as :

– have a blog that is at least 3 months old

– are able to blog a minimum of 9 items over the course of 3 blog posts for each cycle

– are able to publish at least 1 post, within 3 days of the start of each cycle*

– are able to create high quality blog pictures to showcase the items from our event


☆ We are looking for quality reviews of all items in blog content with enticing descriptions and details of any events along with dates, landmarks and store locations.

You will be required to “Report” each blog on a Google Doc

The list goes on and often I feel there is very little empathy or consideration in this proceedings for bloggers as individuals; what their natures are like - how they blog and why and so on and so forth...

Bloggers themselves have to review their own integrity, why they might include something in review. I think they often try very hard to be inclusive to all designers in as much as they can be but often not to the satisfaction of Merchandisers.

What is the difference between :



Dauntless -  Sometimes when you fall you fly...

For example.

;-) I think I am guilty of overthinking things sometimes - so there are no conclusions here to this blog gentle readers... just a pause <3

Friday, 5 February 2016

The Meme Fish : Black is Beautiful . & ..


I came by this challenge from reading about it on Amelie Fravoisse's Flickr ; which I think is superb.

The challenge :
  • You should take a picture using a black skin, the other components of your look is of your own choosing.
  • Name your photo as follows: [Your name] Black is Beautiful Challenge - Photo [1]. You can put this information in the description of the image if preferred.
I wanted to keep the photography simple but to make use of materials and mesh which enables you to really bring out light reflection that is true of real life portraits of this ethnicity - eg :

Coincidentally I could not credit this image properly not knowing where it came from exactly
But having tried to trace its root, I came across this artist
To me that is the beauty of Black skin and it is not something I had truly worked on achieving before although I have featured other similar images in my posts before now.

Challenge Complete!

Technical Screen Capture
As you can see, what is captured on my screen is highly saturated colour.
All I've done in my final images is simply to tone this down
in order to bring out more contrast between light and dark.
Credits :
Skin by Pumec  (Alsou in September with Brown eyebrows) 
applied over Lelutka Aria Head on Maitreya Lara Body 

Hair  by Emotions (Alison - Brown) was a free gift at the 2013 Hair Fair!

Eyes are by Dead Apple (Sorrow Eyes - Brown) - I really liked these for their reflective quality.

Makeup by Ys&Ys from Teresa Skin and Makeup Applier for Lelutka (Tone 04)
I absolutely adore the makeup palettes from Ys&Ys as they can be worn with many other skin types.

Dress is the Irving Cutout Dress in Black by RAMA

ieQED pirate doubloon hoop earrings (pair) and necklace (rare) from ieQED's pirate coin gacha
Nose chain is a Marketplace Purchase from  BLOKC - simple but well designed with the chain part and nose ring made in two separate mesh pieces to help with adjustability.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The (Fantasy) Fashion Fish : MFGC, BamPu Legacies, Noble Creations

Pixie nap
Pixie Nap
The Last Unicorn (Full)
Last Unicorn
Over on my Flickr stream I've been feeling very inspired by magical folk.

The boho style silver jewelry from Rucy Byron @ Aphorism inspired this Arabian Nights fairy tale pictorial. This collection is a gacha that is now on at Shiny Shabby

Pixie Nap
The beautiful and intricate curled metal work combined with roses and pearls by Noble Creations is the inspiration for this tender pictorial

Last Unicorn
Created for Fair Play, this Unicorn Muse headpiece is from BamPu Legacies by Bambi Chique and my inspiration for this fantasy pictorial