Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Artfish : Not Everything Is Plain Black & White

nbw : White Room (The Start)
The White Room : At the start and end of the art space.
'Not Everything Is Plain Black & White' 
by Fuschia Nightfire Exhibition 
runs from 20th January until 20th February 2012

What has always been the most attractive quality about art in second life is the creation of immersive, interactive environments to examine an art idea.
In Fuschia Nightfire's 'Not Everything Is Plain Black & White' - this quality is very much explored through a series of virtual spaces within the art environment.

The exhibit starts you off in what resembles a ready room. The space is almost blindingly white. Behind you is a small stall offering vendors for free skins, clothes and tattoo layers in black, white and shades of grey to entice you into becoming one with the art.
Thusly inspired, D decided to  go exploring as a mythical winged zebranoid.
(Hair by KMADD, Wings by Black Lace, Boots by Boudoir, Claws by Dita's Diabolique)
nbw : Into the Void
Into the Void 
You wander along a path through several key stages in the exhibit. Clever use of textures and animations make the environment uneasy, disorientating and jarring in some places.  Straying from the path leads you to some other more static exhibits that are equally curious and thought provoking.

nbw : Zebra meets zebra crossing
Zebra meets zebra crossing
It very much employs the engagement of wonderment in an alice down the rabbit hole sort of way. 
Fall through the void and into an ocean of stars….
Dance through the stars to a planet that condenses into a city which wobbles like jelly…

nbw : Amongst the herd
Amongst the herd
Travel through a surreal mirror lake with its own box gallery that shimmers like a mirage in a greyed out savannah…

nbw : Big Bissous
The Big Bissous
The above are just a few choice points along the path. More pictures can be seen in Ourfish's Art Aquarium

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