Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Retrospectivefish : What Next?

What Next I
Second life can be an amazing outlet for play and creativity

And so on this the first dawn of the new year, some might be nursing off the night before. Ourfish finds itself in retrospection - like a yearly renewed ritual; and thought to share a few loosed notions with you ...
What Next II
What happens next is entirely up to you
2011 saw the close to some things you thought would be around a lot longer than they were* and yet everything within Second life is this fast paced and transient 'un-reality'. Landscapes and Landmarks come and go as quick as you can hit delete. So what is it about second life that continues to fascinate and enthral those of us who continue to take up residency within this state of constant pixel flux? D thinks that it; as in anything in life (real or otherwise), is just as much about what you put into it. It can be an amazing space for creativity. It's an interesting experiment socially - the impact and ramifications of which could possibly be far reaching, were one to truly contemplate the idea. But what next? Well D's resolution revolution continues with a notion about consistency and needing to get out of her hermit shell a bit more. Look out world! Watch this space!

Fashion Direction :
Grixdale - Wolf and I (High Waist Dress) - Now Closed
Abyss - [Opium] Cropped Bomber Jacket
L&B - "Dita Desire" Chocolate Suede
Pixel Dolls - Wool Plaid Gloves
Kosh - Multiplex Necklace (No Tag)
Oval - Leggings001-Brown
[Sauce] - peach blossom lipgloss

* Retrospective News Articles on Second life Closures :
The End of Second Life (2009)
No Sl is not closing in 2012
CNN Closing Down Second life location

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