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In blogging your items on Flickr, I am happy to provide links to your own Flickr information.

I will also provide more detailed information when I write a blog to accompany my Flickr image.

I will not put direct links to your shop or marketplace on Flickr.
Vendors and content creators really need to be aware of rules governing social media like Flickr. Namely :

Don't use Flickr for unauthorized commercial activity.We offer tools for the community to license their works to others; if interested, visit our Marketplace. Flickr generally supports photographer entrepreneurs big and small, but we don’t want to be a platform for your commercial activity or your business transactions, except for photos you enroll directly in our Marketplace.
In your photo descriptions and on your profile page, you are welcome to link to your website or blog where you might also sell your work, but do not link directly to a shopping cart, checkout page, or pricing pages on other sites, and don’t list prices on your Flickr photo descriptions.
Your links need to be human readable (no shortened URLs) and they should be relevant to the photo, such as links to your website, to social media sites, or to your blog. Don’t turn your photo descriptions into link spam. Again, we enforce Yahoo’s Anti-Spam policy.

See also : Content Policy

I am primarily a pixelpixie and strive to make magic happen with images that I take in Second Life® 
I just happen to have a blog.
  •  I 'blog' about my second life in Second Life® 
  •  I journal some of my explorations within the Second Life®  multiplayer-verse
  •  I blog most about my image making photoshopscapades  and art making efforts which remains my very first true and central love. 
  • I am not a prolific blogger.
  • I do not consider my blog to be a fashion blog or look book

The Facts

  • Sometimes I can  travel a lot in a year. (large breaks in blogging occur)
  • Flickr is my main social media platform, and I make an average of 5 images a week.
  • I am an occasional content creator myself and have a virtual shop that helps to offset the cost of my object collecting habits.
  • I very seldom do LOTD's, there are just many more people who do it better than I.
  • I am fashion arty but not fashion conscious. This means that wearing flexi prim and sculpty stuff from two seasons ago isn't a huge faux pas in my vogue book.
I use all kinds of sl objects, props and fashion items in my images and therefore am happy to accept all kinds of inventory. I reserve the right to represent these items in my own fashion and time on caveat that we should have a mutual respect of each other's creative freedoms and design integrity.

Where an item sent to me for blogging is time sensitive, I will always try to respect this and make the information available in a timely fashion where possible.

Please do not send me items that are not your own original creations. If your products incorporate the use of template designs, please ensure that the prints that you texture these items with incorporate your own ideas and images which are compliant with Second Life® TOS.

I find it difficult to conform to some stipulations such as blog frequency for product launches and so on and so forth. If these are important conditions to you then I may not be a suitable blogging choice.

However, if you enjoy the images I make and would simply like to see what I can do with things you send to me and where my brain might wander with that then we should get collaborating!

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