Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Odd Fish : So much to do...

Once upon a bath-time
Once Upon a Bath-time

I have quite a bit of news this year and feel terribly guilty for allowing the blog component of my journalistic endeavours to go amiss. I chose today to catch up because over in RL it's a particular day to wake up ponder-some and in the mood to tidy house.

First order of business is some new names that  I need to add to my blog sponsor roll as follows :
Roquai Poses

Although I do create my own poses, I also enjoy using the creations of others in my work and the above image (Once Upon a Bath-time) as well as the following (Creatur) have been created using poses crafted by this designer.
Creatur uses Roquai Pose - Jump 2


ieQED by Sigi Faust is also another avant garde fashion brand that designs shoes, accents and accessories.
Sexy Shoes
Sexy Shoes - features ieQED's Puff Mule in Red
Clash 1
Clash 1 - where part of Mikel's outfit consist of ieQED Dragon Pauldrons

L.Warwick Handmade Shoes
Whilst relatively new on the scene, L.Warwick creates some simple but striking shoes for the Slink Avatar enhancement range.
Big Bad Red and the Wolfinator...
Big Bad Red and the Wolfinator - with platforms (Siren in Ruby) by Lindsey Warwick
Big Bad Red and the Wolfinator aftermath
Big Bad Red and the Wolfinator aftermath