Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Kissing Fish : We have history...

Where blokes are concerned,  Angel is one of those pretty long suffering ones that I consider myself privileged to know. This image totally didn't start out like this :-). That was several hours and many wardrobe changes after it first started looking a bit more like this :
A quick screen capture in which I drew a quick bossy art directiony scribble
I'm blogging more these days, trying to get into a habit of sharing my thoughts and providing more insight into the sort of thinking and work that goes into creating my Flickr images.

I hope you have enjoyed this little amusing snippet and that you have a wonderful and creative day.


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Lucky Fish : Breaking Ice with Lyrical Bizzare!

Break The Ice
Over on FineSmith Sim (Azure Island) there is a mixer for Bloggers and Designers to meet  titled "Break the ice"

I am delighted to have been put in touch with Lyrical Bizzare who creates these amazing Full Perms designs all very inspiring stuff and so ofcourse we have a flickr moment :

Ice Queen
In this image :
By Lyrical B!zzare
Snow Queen Gown (Rigged Mesh Head Dress, Flexi Fur, High Waisted Skirt and Mesh Train all mapped with spectacular specular maps)
Snow Queen Jewels (Remixed by me)- necklace (modified), earring (worn as head adornment)
The above is available to purchase on Finesmith Sim till the end of the week

Bg is pic of frost on my car!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Fashion Fish : The Mens Department (Dec. Round)


Hurray for TMD I say, and whilst this event is one for the boys - there is always some great stuff there for shopaholics of any gender or species. (Everything is possible on SL mostly didn't you know?)

In this image :
Wearing BSD Design Studio IT girl  shining black heels (POE Hunt item)
B@R Business Woman (Grey)
.{Mes Petites Coutures}. Audrey Cigarette (Mesh)
Essences Olyvia02 TDRF Doux blonde
.ID. Striking Eyes/Blue
MONS / Makeups - Glamourous Look - Lipstick red
*Dura- Boys&Girls*24 Sienna

From The Mens Dept.
[ARIA] Hiver sideboard cabinet + Print + Bottle Tray and Candles
(Bottle tray twig accented with : [keke] sphere - snow,clip bird - neut, clip candle - fog + 8f8 Post Apocalyptic Ball - Infinite Search)
[ARIA] Hiver pouf with knit throw + plain
Balaclava Stargazer Telescope + stool (Gold)
7 - Portable Furnace
Lost Junction - Sneezy Garden Gnome (From We <3 Roleplay) Gift!

Pose : !Bang Mini Sits (M2) (From The Arcade)

The Fashion Fish : December and the Winter light.

Half Light
The year has certainly flown - more so as the days have started to get shorter. Even over in SL land, there's a wintery sort of theme that is reflecting the season. Many stores are offering goodies in advent calendar style and there are also several winter fairs about. (As in the above pic - Mesh Eyes Opalesenza from Cubic Cherry for Frost Fair )

Sheleg is (to my mind) a sort of wintry piece particularly in silver, with its branching detail. This Finesmith offering is available at the J&A expo.

And also in that same sort of twighlight is this piece featuring Lavan, another seasonal creation gift that is from Finesmith for 25 for 25

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Art Fish : My first SL arty type thing!

I'm very excited about being part of Miamai's launch for their black label collection and it will actually be the first time that I'll have ever exhibited my artsy nonsense in the virtual world. (Ok so we're not counting the stuff I make!)

Having been sworn to secrecy about the pieces that I have made for this event, I can tell you that I have dreamt up a lot more ideas than what you will eventually be able to see at the launch. What is no longer a secret is the theme of the event - The Golden Thread.

What I love most in collaborations is the bouncing of ideas and the way discussion leads to new explorations inspired by such interchanges. I had already been thinking of how to merge elements of the raw 'wireframe' captures into full renders for some time and it struck me as being quite relevant to this theme - the idea that the SL grid itself can be seen in its raw state as a web of many points connected together by lines - like threads. In the end I discarded this idea as part of the exhibit, deciding that this was better explored outside of the above abstraction.

In my post yesterday, I wrote about discovering this fantastic online fractal paint program and promised that I would make some brushes for your download with this new toy as follows :

My first fractal brush set!
With these brushes made,  I eventually decided to try and make that wireframe composite and created this piece :
Have yourself a fantastic and creative day!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Art Fish : Discovers Fractal Flames!

Flame Painter Free | online paint program
Fire And Ice - Created entirely on flame painter.

So this is a new thing for me and that is liking something on blogger but this thing is SOOOOOOO fabulous that I just had to share!

I've been playing with fractal programs that run on the Mac and whilst they are amazing
Freezing Octopus - Created on Ultrafractal (

They weren't exactly the sort of fractals I had been trying to make.
I absolutely love FlamePainter and the online version isn't shabby at all! Creating many varying shapes in a decent enough size to make some really great fractal brushes which I shall be sharing with you wonderful folks very soon!

Here's more scribbles I did.