Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Salted Fish : Alas D is a terrible blogger...

Tis true, D is failed blogger, she simply gets far too interested in making things and forgetting to write about them.

So what has D been busy with since her last blog?
Well as if one failed blog wasn't enough, D has started another to record her progression on a pet project that she's been keeping on the boil for quite a while.
If all the world was paper
And all the seas were ink
If all the trees
Were bread and cheese
What would we have to drink?
Although at the time of this writing, it's still a blank canvas.

D's also been a bit busy with actually have a small virtual job doing graphics for one of Second Life's inworld periodicals  Moolto and More Magazine.
Here's a sneaky peaky at one of the layouts that is upcoming for the month of June.

Moolto's More Magazine JUNE (Explore Page)

D has also been fashioning more products for her little virtual hobby store called Dita's Diabolique and most recently put this up in it as a complete freebie!

Dita's Dance Any Place Gum Ball Machine

D still does pile ups over on Flickr with her latest being

Inverse Pinocchio (or Pileup Nº 34)
Inverse Pinocchio (or Pileup Nº 34)
And so that is all you wunnerful fishlettes 'caught up' on the latest of Ourfish News!