Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Fashionfish : Zebra Crossings!

The Fashionfish : Editorial Shots - Zebra!
Question : Can a Zebra change it's stripes?
The Fashionfish : Editorial Shots - Zebra!

Answer : A Zebra Can't Change Its Stripes
It may look like a horse, but it's wild at heart. Raising such a moody creature requires a lot of skill and patience.
Few are up for the job. -  
Los Angeles Times

Cue Music (and Bad 80's Mullets Alas) :

"Wild Thing"
Sam Kinison

Fashion Direction -

Dita's Diabolique : Dita's Ribbon Boot Zanda Crossing Edition
Beautiful Dirty Rich : TGIF Skirt (Free Outfit)
Line : Ripped Top Black
COCO : Fur Bolero Black
XTC : Taurus Leather Zippered Gloves
American Bazaar : Love Latex Pants (cercle)
Lelutka : Inverted Hair (Powder)
Dark Mouse : In black and white (Earrings)
Goth1c0 : Chain Necklace in gold and black metal
Goth1c0 : Bitch Bracelet in black and wasted gold.

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