Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Fashionfish : Gothic Lace

The kissmet nature of second life is endlessly intriguing to Ourfish as it is how we met and meet people. It is also how D discovered Athan Selidor which became the backdrop for this style shoot.

The Fashionfish : Vero Modero + Leezu
A slow kinetic sculpture is the central focus of this grotto, in which several shiny spheres orbit
Athan (39, 115, 22)
The Fashionfish : Vero Modero + Leezu
 Light floods in from a single source within this space
Fashion Direction :
Vero Modero - Adile Uni Gown (Sans Prim Parts)
Leezu - Jean Van Dark (Jacket, Sleeves and Belt)
HOC - Noir Boots
Glow Studio - Fiori Set (Bracelet, Earrings)
D!va - Satomi Hair (Platinum)
Elikatira - Glory Hair (Blonde02)

Location : Athan Selidor… beyond the island Athan

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