Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Big Fish : She Finally Returns!

Been a long hot summer...

Which reminds me of that Gold Frapp Song (link coming up later). I'm back! and finally able to settle down to doing some blogging beginning with the things you see in this recent image I created. I love most things fishy on SL and with no exception are these amazing heels from the fertile imagination of Shaleene Kenin from Pure Poison. This creator is breathtaking with just the sheer range of products and scope of their creations!

These Pirana Shoes are available at an event called The Showroom
In this image :
Aphorism Brazilian Bikini 1 (Top + Bottom in S)
Azoury* Bottled Message. 
Pure Poison** - Pirana Sandals (Black) for Slink (flat. med. and high)
* This item part of event -Every month on the 24th, 1 new exclusive item %50 off sale for 24 hours @ Azoury Main Store.
** This item is part of The Showroom (a new one on me so there'll be more on my blog)
Au Reste :
Arcade Goodies (Chic Fish Mango + Miamai Floaty Bear)