Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Flying Fish : It's X'mas again!

Wants Pressies! Nuuuuuuuu
Isn't it scary some how time seems to just zoom by? Particularly when you are in a time suck like Second Life! In digital land, it is also Chrimbo and D & A were decked in our X'mas finery. Ofcourse D is Pastafarian but kept her pirate regalia at bay for the day. D would like to wish everyone a Happy Chrimbo and if you're digital - that you didn't pig out too much on your festive bytes ;-) or that your memory will never be replete.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Lucky Fish : Prize Fishing....

So you didn't get a Panda hat...
Admittedly D is a bit of an SL hoarder and gacha addict...
But they're all so cute! And they come in so many different styles!
And they're transferable! And...

Sway Dench is the maker of many props that have appeared in D's photos over the years and her creations have been part of what D knows of SL. D still fondly remembers her very first Bunny Hop hunt and the prize from Sway was an amazing bird house replete with tweeting bird that was one of D's prized possessions!  X'mas time being the season of good will, D wanted to wish Sway the very best luck for a tough road ahead; besides how can D ever pass up on the chance to show off her latest gacha loot?

So you didn't get a Panda hat...
So you didn't get the Vespertine 'Fawn' chair :
These organic tree glasses come from [KIK] just going to prove
you can still get the look!
So you didn't get a Panda hat...
This cute little rabbit doll  playing with a boiled sweet spoon comes from Naminoke
and is a Spoon for mouth Gacha with several variations and dolls.
The little angel earring comes from  Bliensen + MaiTai on MP for only 10L! 
So you didn't get a Panda hat...
Still, quite a bit of D's gacha horde comes from The Arcade with these birdy glasses
from the Glow Studio gacha . The very cute patchwork  cats are from Nonino
They have a little shop on Sway's land and come as a gacha prize!
So you didn't get a Panda hat...
So you didn't get a Panda hat : This one isn't the MiaMai Rare, but I still adore it!
It's also from Naminoke and a Gacha win! Sway's creations come as gachas too!
Such as the white pig tip jar and the mittens on a string.
The blonde arts and crafts angel is also a Sway design, specially made for Together With Sway 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Fashion Fish : Leather and Leggings

Finally! Some bright spark has created a mesh system of play wear and come up with this harness that has some cool scripting in it as well as great design; inspiring today's LOTD.




Having a play with different and more surreal environment settings in these as well.

Téide wears 

Skin : Dutch Touch Yri (Fudge)
Shape : {Ps^} Phiona
Eyes : Insufferable Dastards Liquid Eyes (Dark Blue Green)
Hair : Lelutka Trend (Soysauce)

Leggings + Bustier : Q
Harness : [H]arsh
Boots : Duck Nipple (from Motor Grl)

Necklace : Max Gossamer Love Teddy Bear Bronze (Gacha)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Fish Market : Gatcha Madness

Alice in Gatcha Land...
"Alice In Gatcha Land"
" I say Alice, fancy a spot of tea luv?"
"I say Alice, fancy a spot of tea luv?"
These images are part of a series I created from things I got in the DEC round of The Arcade
The Arcade in second life is a seasonal event themed around those salty old seaside games machine halls. In this virtual one, the hall is filled with gatcha machines dispensing all sorts of goodies that seem to get better with each round.

D spent a ridiculous amount feeding these machines for the goodies they cough up in the hopes to stumble upon the one payout of a rare or a model type you'd like. There's a whole trade around Gatcha goodies with yard sales full of other people's Gatcha collection addiction.
D managed to swap out other gatcha things in order to make the above photos. Although D secretly still hopes to chance upon a sleepy eddy UK gatcha bag, her Brit haul this round wasn't too bad too as in the following captures for LOTD London :
London LOTD
Photos taken in Mayfair : SLURL : Mayfair
Dita wears : Classic Blow-up mini skirt ' Zipped Blue Denim',  Anymore - Sex Pistols Top (White)
*GF* Short Lace Boots [V2], EC Katia Black Nylon, Peppermint Blue Casual Lingerie, MI  Mesh Socks

London LOTD
Dita wears : Standby retro headphones 'London', Teefy cassette radio 'British'
LouLou&Co Bracelet - French Kiss KOSH infinity bracelet
 Page 3 - Heart belly piercing, GB two strand necklace, B&B spirit simple hoop earrings
Sissy Crown (platinum), Pekka crystal lipstick 4, cheLLe (eyeshadow) Sparkle Capt America.
There's an ugly side to this Gatcha madness and that is the increasing number of Gatcha scams going around. What happens is people pretend they have a rare Gatcha by naming an empty box with the rare object title so that it appears to be the article in your inventory. Only when you rez it , it neither contains the rare nor is the object you desire. In exchange you might have already paid the person for it or swapped out a rare of your own.

This business is quite miserable and unfortunately there is not much that can be done about such fraud. So best practice is to trade on rezzable land so you can see what the product is. Get the other person to set it to "buy original"and swap that way. If you think you might give The Arcade a go, here's every wish of good luck to you!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Artfish - Relating to that flight

This series in order : Relating to that flight Taken @ Spencer Museum of Art Renee Skin by Glam Affair (from recent Arcade Gatcha) Harpy in Black Swan + Behind the mask by June Dion (Bare Rose) ID. eyes November Gift (Brown) Hair Natum in white (Hair Fair 2012) by [INK] Harpy 1. " Ultimately, it starts with a creep towards the edge ... a peer into the abyss" Relating to that flight... " Sometimes when you jump, you fall..." Relating to that flight... " Sometimes when you fall..." Relating to that flight... "... you fly." Relating to that flight...

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Fashion Fish : Love & Peace

D the fashionista peeks out again with these two  ways of wearing the same dress and style just with two different hair styles

Love & Peace
(Names of the two hunts from which these items mostly come from ie. With love again hunt and Peace on earth hunt)
Love & Peace
Love & Peace
Love & Peace
Love & Peace
Skin is [PF] Alyx <Ivory> - Pony (dkbrow) (from WLA Hunt for L$10)
(Details : http://www.chic-management.com/)
Eyes is :SP: video Purple
Shape is PS^ Peace
Jewelry :
MG Necklace Paris Black Diamond (Combo All) (from WLA Hunt for L$10)
(Details : http://www.chic-management.com/)
Chop Zuey My heart in yours Blk Earrings

Dress is a combination of
Snowpaws - Serenity Ballet Outfit for POE5
(Details : http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/poe-hunter-hints-instructions/)
Etchaflesh - Holiday Wishes Corset + Skirt (Mesh) for Womenstuff Hunt
(Details : http://womenstuff.stuff-sl.com/hunters/)

Love and Peace 1 - Hairoin - Ferocity White Tiger (From Jul 2012 Hair Fair)

Love and Peace 2 - D!va 'Marie' Type B (Platinum) (Group Gift)