Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Fish Eye Lens : Renaissance Technique Feat. Noble Creations.

Out for the Cosmopolitan round from 21st Nov. to 3rd Dec are these two offerings from Noble Creations :
The Duchess Headpiece
Elegant Cabinet

Which inspired me to create these images :

Piety (Full best when seen in zoom/lightbox)
For Piety : (Using)
Bare Rose Nun Outfit
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
Maxi Gossamer Necklace - Rosary with Black Pearls and Crucifix
The Annex - Snow Queen Pearl Earring
[NC] - The Duchess Headpiece - Black-White Stone
.ID. Splendor Eyes / Hazel

So yes I've been in a bit of a "painterly" kick  though exploring creating a faux oil paint style is not so new as I've also done :

Tudor Portrait
Tudor Portrait
The techniques I've employed are slightly different in both.The above is more to do with creating an aged effect , by overlaying a cracklature over the original. The later is more of a morph in order to get the painterly strokes down what i did was to overlay a similar oil painting portrait on top so that the strokes would align. Then it was a case of blending and creating strokes to fit my original screen cap. in SL.

Piety (Exploring Painting Techniques) Before/After
A before and after shot showing the actual difference in capture and final work.

Piety (Cropped)
Cropped image focusing in on portrait details.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Fashion Fish : D . I . S . C .O

D.I.S.C.O @ Genre 🎶
Dance with the Boogie get down ... coz Boogie nights are always the best in town...
Your Taxi to Boogie!

I couldn't resist making this (Terrible) image with all the fabulous fun things that are out in November's Disco for Genre Round :)
The Chic Freak:
Maitreya Mesh Body .
:Glow Designs:. Aviator Glasses Summer Gold
Adoness : caged disco ball set (Earrings and Necklace)
CATWA HEAD Annie Vampire V4.8
 Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 - L - Victory
Spyralle Nicole Jumpsuit Fitted in Tourmaline
[LeLutka]-COLLEEN hair - BlondeFun

The Props :
Anachron - Advanced Lighting Mirror Ball
[CIRCA] - "Disco Club'n" Retro U Chair - Org/Blk V (32 pos) + Drink Shaker & Cocktail Giver
+XAnSA+ 70s Disco - Divider & Retro Potted Plant
[ht:home] record table - yellow

Disco Ducks are from Birdy's Spring Babes Gacha (Arcade 2014)

Friday, 18 November 2016

The Art Fish : SL Viewer Shoot

My firestorm viewer seems to have borked for a while now, I have been unable to take any Hi-Res images with shadows and depth of field switched on. Which is a pity because I think FS. has such a great UI and is extremely SLtographer friendly.
So for now I've gone back to using the Official SL viewer to take images as follows :

Dark Garden/Guardian
I was channelling Garden of Gethsemane type stuff in this image.

Dark Garden/Guardian
Close up : You can see that SL shadows have come a long way!

Credit Roll :
New! More Info :
From Noble Creations - Dark Guardian Consists of three main components
[NC] - Dark Guardian - Calf Pieces (L+R)
[NC] - Dark Guardian - Thigh Pieces (L+R)
[NC] - Dark Guardian - Gold - M (In standard size Xs, S, M, L)
From Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Muse Set
[NC] - RARE - Muse Golden Bra

New! More Info :
MINIMAL - Angel Crown

Other Stuff I'm Using:
*PH* disordered hair // 2
*COCO* MyDollKit_Amanda_Peach_Head(ClosedEyes)
+ MyDollKit_Peach Body
IKON Perspective Eyes - Oxidation (S)
Main Prop :
Wicked Thorns (Seriously! This thing is the BOMB)
From MP

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Fish Eye Lens : Water Colour FX II - Breaking it down.

So this is my second attempt at the previous technique and I think I have more of a handle on the idea. Essentially, it helps to think of the water colour technique itself which is ink on wet. Using a few strokes of the brush to gesture a form by suggestion rather than detail. (Is my theory).
  Steampunkette ( Watercolour Fx II) + Blog  
 Here are my notes.

Original Image taken in SL.
New! from SMD. Victoria Faun Gown Set (For Maitreya) in Maroon
Maitreya Mesh Body
Meva Vintage Necklace Brown
PIXEL BOX - Steampunk Monocle Right
Calico Hair : Theia (Just Hair Version)
.ID. Bright Eyes / SM / Earth
Step 1) Is to mask out the main areas of colour and whilst doing so...
create textures by playing with the density of your mask.

Step 2) Is to create a general water colour background to sit your figure into.

Step 3) Is a process of blending, painting in and unmasking your figure
to reveal or hide details according to your own artistic direction
You can save these brushes that I created for this project for your own experiments.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Art Fish : Watercolour FX

Watercolour FX (Experiment)

One of my favourite movies for its pure visual feast is the Guy Ritchie directed for screen adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. I love how steampunk it is visually and draw some inspiration from it at times.
Here's an image I came across on the web of Adler; who is Holme's fatalistic love interest.

I wanted to try and recreate a similar sort of style
And took this image  using the New! SMD Victoria Faun Gown Set:

Worn with :
EarthStones Madison Pearl Earrings
Genesis Nicole 2.0 (Mesh Head)
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
PIXEL BOX - Necklace Steampunk Survivor
IKON Ascension Eyes - Glacier (M)

I also tried PhotoFunia
Which produced this result :

Here's the tutorial I followed :

In general, I'd probably like to finesse and experiment a little more with the technique but it was certainly an interesting and enjoyable exercise!

Monday, 14 November 2016

The Big Fish : Getting back to it.

Hello 'O loyal blog reader.

Long time no type and I do apologise for being such a faithless blogger. Whilst I have not had much to write, my flickr is still an  interesting visual experiment on my part and one that I really do enjoy on a good day.

Life happens and our priorities are goal posts that keep shifting as we grow and change. I do know that I am preaching to the choir here so I'll sum this all up to simply say that I am getting back to things again. Creating, making images and peeking a little out of my shell.

Also, in this  resurfacing I'd like to post kudos to these amazing creators who continue to inspire me with their creations.

1) !Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Store :

About :
It is a real privilege to have gotten to know the creative powerhouse that is Lyrical. Her style is avant garde, challenging and encapsulates what is unique about designing fashion for a virtual world. Throw away your limitations and inhibitions of real life. Wear the impossible made real.

One of my latest images inspired by Lyrical Bizarre
Featuring Letty Headpiece from !Lyrical B!zarre Templates.

2) Noble Creations
Store :
About: I met with this team of designers from my participation in the now unfortunately defunct MFGC. NC are fantasy merchants, doing amazing design from medieval to pure fairy tale all in the highest quality mesh with surprisingly low LI which makes it great for decorating your usually LI virtual heavy castle!

One of my latest images inspired by Noble Creations
Punky Fish II ♬
Inspired by the Muse Set for Fantasy Gacha is Noble Creations
 Also these amazing steampunk influenced feeshys from Doubletwosevensixnine by Manuel Ormidale (Out in main store) Thank you so much!

3) Calico Hair
Store : (New Location)
About: Calico Ingmann is really creative in her hair designs which are mostly fantastical in nature with brilliant braids and general "largeness" as part of her repertoire. She also does awesome beards! The best way to look up Calico hair is to visit her inworld store as she doesn't really keep up with all the other social media avenues.

One of my latest images inspired by Calico Hair
Humming Birds & 初夢
Inspired by Kinsey Hair from Calico
This image also features another brilliant SMD designed dress :  Calista Rain Gown

4) Silvan Moon Designs
Store :
About: My relationship with this designing duo of BME and White Armory is newest and again springing from my involvment with MFGC though the experience so far has been amazing. They design luxuriant and detailed costumes in fitted mesh for several of the major mesh body brands. I admit to feeling a bit like a kid at x'mas each time they send a blogger pack my way! <3

One of my latest images inspired by SMD
The last glass of regret...
The last glass of regret
From Silvan Moon Designs - Evangeline Windlace Gown (Bodice,Hat, Jacket, Overskirt and Skirt) is for Fantasy Gacha Carnival's November Round.

5) Genre
About: Unlike the above links, Genre is a monthly creation round in which various designers create items based on a theme or genre. In this event I participate as a creator more than a blogger.

One of my latest images inspired by Genre Creators.
My dollys are wearing MUSE hair from this Genre 's Lovecraftian round Masks are still from Lyrical but with my own textures for this image

Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Big Fish : Playing Catchup!

Genre Belle Epoque
For Genre's Belle Epoque round.
It has been a while since I've had the chance to sit down and write again. So whilst I will catch up on my flickr posts - I wanted to write about some of the things that I have been making for a few events around the Grid. The latest being for Genre, which just opened today and for which I have decided to launch my telescopic cigarette holders in two lengths "Maxi" which is 22cm and "Ultra" which is 44cm.

Genre Belle Epoque
Both cigarettes come with a smoking animations hud with priority 3 animations.
Genre Belle Epoque
A separate pack of 12 static smoking poses have also been created to go with this exclusive launch!
I had made this prop for my shoot of a few posts back :

Post Modern Jukebox I
Since then I have been developing this item into a more refined end product. I hope you will like the end results!

Your taxi to Genre is :
You can read more about this event on : Genre @ Wordpress

Also out right now is my sculpture release for the latest hip event to hit the grid " Epicene"

"Nothing is Random" kinetic virtual sculpture launch

Your taxi to Epicene is : You can read more about this event on : 

Last but not least! I have been busy with doing images for my own art exhibition which is being held at the Black Lux Gallery

You're invited! 
I hope you will visit and tell me what you think!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Fashion Fish : Pumec, Agapee, Entwined for March Shiny Shabby

New! Alice Skin (Seen here in January Tone) by Pumec
New! Entwined Hair Alison
New! Agapee Lucy Dress
All fresh from March Shiny Shabby Round.
Picking up the details here with a close crop to the face.
"Alice" by Pumec is also Lelutka and Genesis Head Compatible.
I decide to use my relatively new Catwa Annie Vampire Head for this shot.
Alice (Eyes closed)
There are some really nice things about the Catwa Mesh Head.
It probably has one of the most comprehensive menu of options for customizing your look
such as the ability to alter your eyelash and eyebrow textures.
It also has an impressive range of gestures plus an addon pack for more facial expressions*
*available only to some models of Catwa Mesh head
As you can see in the above pics - whilst the vendor photo presents a very menacing image,
You can wear this particular head in a very normal fashion :)

The Fashion Fish : Spring Has Sprung!

A Spring Face II
Little Branch Willow Trees are seen in this image background. and are perfect heralds of the season.
They are a new release for the March round of Shiny Shabby

The Rebecca outfit from Blue Moon Enterprises is just the thing for spring!

A Spring Face I
Worn here with this beautiful Talia Heart necklace from Empyrean Forge 
I can really appreciate and admire all the beautiful craftwork and detailing in the textures seen here
With the celtic patterns, tartan and embroidery flare running throughout, it also lends a certain medieval ethnicity to the piece.

A spring face
A Spring Face (Detail)
I love the beautiful details that come with Ys&Ys' Belinda Skin (Here in Tone 01).
These pick up very well when using lighting for materials.
The same can be said for this closeup on the New Dela hair "Maddison" for Shiny Shabby's new March Round

Full Outfit Details
Credits : Outfit by Blue Moon Enterprises Rebecca in Leaf (see below) for Fantasy Cream
Worn on Lelutka Simone Mesh Head with Belinda by Ys&Ys and New! Dela Maddison Hair from Shiny Shabby

BMe Rebecka Leal for Fantasy Cream

Blue Moon Enterprises is part of the MFGC Gridwide Network of Merchants in Second Life

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Fashion Fish : March Madness

Can you believe we're in March already?
I haven't had much of a chance to sit down and dedicate myself to blogging as much as I had wanted to but I'm determined to be all caught up by day's end today. There's so much I find myself wanting to tell you; not only about things happening around the grid and so on...
So to get things underway.. Shiny Shabby's March round has opened and there is definitely an air of spring to the collection with many lovely fresh colours, botanicals and eggs as I shall happily reveal over the coming days.

However, I wanted to start with these :

Slumber Party
NEW Bed set (PG Starry Sky versionusing bed poses S1 +S2) from Toiz for Shiny Shabby
NEW Iron War Corset from Noble Creations (For The Secret Affair)
NEW Calico Hair Mabel (from Hairlogy)
 Holding Poppies from [MG] (Monkey Girl) * Gacha Prize*

Slumber Party (detail)
Slumber Party Detail
Tank Girl!
Tank Girl
New! Adventure Back Pack from Noble Creations (We love these guys!)
dets :
New! Katatonic Flat Sock (Prison Detail) and Buckle Boot
dets :
New! [sYs] Straps Belt & Shirt (I've used the size fitted for Belleza Freya for this image)
dets :

Tank girl II
Tank Girl II

Outfit Details in FULL - These images were shot at The Headquarters in Tempelhof Ceiram.

Nobel Creations is part of the MFGC Network of Merchants across the Second Life Grid

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Fashion Fish : Angel in Eden



I wanted to keep this images very true to their original takes and have barely altered them. The images were all inspired by the following creations :

The Credits :

Glinda Diamond ADV
From Eveline In The Box : Glinda Dress with Boa (not worn in above)

2014 June Arcade Anc Eden 50
From {anc} Eden Gacha - Chapel (Rare) in white
From The Little Branch - Wild Forest (Cluster)
Shiny Shabby | February 2016
Lena Hair from Entwined for Shiny Shabby (Feb)