Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Fashionfish : That unforgettable dress...

"And so a toast  - ring out the old , ring in the new..."

A Rapturous 2012
That Unforgettable Dress (TUD)
Some looks are timeless...
Another year is at its end and ofcourse there is that timeless question that persists in the minds of the trend concious... " What to wear?"

TUD : In repose...
Details of this dress are just stunning and unfortunately hard to capture!

To make the grandest entrance at any SL party this year end... wear art!
There are so many interesting things about this dress that it is nigh impossible to write of it. For one, it is an animated piece of couture that embodies the very idea of time and its fleeting. The dress moves and shifts and reveals its secrets over the course of time such that your outfit itself is never really quite the same in different light. It comes in flexible versions of course - one with the scripted bells and whistles, and the other in a plainer but nonetheless show stopping version. Don't just take Ourfish word for it.

TUD : Within its companion art structure...
The exhibit itself was used as the background for these shots of 'The Raven Dress'

TUD : In the changing light...
This view of the dress provides perhaps a glimpse of the shifting changing nature and details of the train which quotes verse from the poem " The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

Hair : Dark Mouse " Palomma" - Free at free dove.
Complete Outfit : Empyreal Dreams "The Raven Dress" (Lenore Winter Edition)
No photo manipulation was involved in any of these shots which are published as is. The environment is entirely shot in SL as also created by Empyreal Dreams

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