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The Meme Fish : MFGC Blogger Challenge Jan 2016

Live Extraordinary (Even dolls have adventures)
Live Extraordinary (Even dolls have adventures!)
Drink Tea!
Drink Tea !
Drink Tea! (Director's Cut)
Drink Tea ! (Director's Cut)
BambiChicque is the the Official Blogger Manager of the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier and works tirelessly to promote the MFGC and to challenge MFGC bloggers creatively.
This is the first time that I've involved myself in such an enterprise - despite having had my blog for several years, I've never really got into the social media aspect of having a blog as much.

I do think it's good to have new challenges in a new year and this will be one of them!

●▬▬▬▬▬● - ̗̀ SOME RULES  ̖́- ●▬▬▬▬▬●

♥ Theme:  It's A Fantasy New Year" ♥

♥ No modern/fashion items or clothing or theme.

♥ Must be roleplay, medieval, elven, dwarfin, angelic or anything related to "fantasy"!

♥ Must utilize something from MFGC Designer's 
furniture, decor, housing, dwellings, home & garden, etc.  
(Not just set out a plant or candle).

♥ Must utilize something from MFGC Designer's clothing, 
wardrobes, accessories, skins, tattoos, etc..

♥♥ Remember, you can always set up, take photos and rez at Dandelion Daydreams Factory if you don't have a place for yourself.  Contact them for rez rights.  (This is our MFGC Headquarters sim)

♥♥ This challenge is also a welcome to any other person who loves to blog, photograph and post in flickr.  Anyone may join the challenge.  But the gallery will be available to only our MFGC Blog Team.
If you fancy having a go why not give it a shot?

I like my images to speak for themselves so I try not to be too rambly about them. 

Noble Creations who are part of the MFGC has designed the beautiful bath which I have transformed into a ship for my Dolly's adventures. They are also responsible for the deer chair and antique table/chair sets
Out at TFC from 21st till 15th Feb

Out at Secret Affair (till 29th)

Blue Moon Enterprises designed the rather handsome Fit Mesh costume attire my Male Dolly (Mr McDreamy) is wearing in " Live Extraordinary". It fits surprisingly well and this is a boon as it's not easy to find clothes to fit my Male COCO Doll

Other credits are as follows :
In "Live Extraordinary"

From Noble creations (part of MFGC)
[NC] - Sacred Bathtub GOLD
[NC] - War Ground Standard (For the Secret Affair till 29th Jan)

From Shiny Shabby
Pewpew! Carton Tales 1 - Woof "Not Happy"

From Blue Moon Enterprises (part of MFGC)
BME Mouse King Outfit - This is fitted mesh and fits relatively well over COCO Male Doll.
BME Holiday Nutcracker Collection (Packaging) 

Naminoke MARIN BUNNY B #5
{anc} garden. oldbook4Li
Birdy - [Alchemy] Story Book - Pigaroo - Pink
Birdy - [Alchemy] Story Book - Grumpkin - brown
Tabloid & Ma Vie.- Shaka Brah Surfboard - Shark Attack! (Rare)
dust bunny . life ring

Freebies on MP
Treasure Chest by Lora Lemon (Free)
//P.O.R\\ Thin Rapier (Sheath) (Free)

In "Drink Tea!"

The new stuff here is
Cheshire Cat Dress & Shoes by Remarkable Oblivion for Epiphany Gacha (I threw lots of money at this machine because the dresses and shoes are just wonderfully detailed and at $75L a pop, honestly a bargain.)

Signage " Down the Rabbit Hole" and " Mad Hatter Tea Party" from Boudoir. Boudoir have made quite a few lovely Alice in Wonderland Props and I thought these were just perfect for my ideas.

The Antique Table and Chairs + Deer Chair come from Noble Creations.

Alot of Vintage Arcade Stuff including some place settings and chairs from 
Handverk Mad Tea Party Gacha and various other bits and pieces that I have hoarded and collected over the years.

My Doll Head is Gacha too  (Julia in Milk by Genesis Labs) - I've always thought that her frozen smile was a little creepy and never quite used it in making images .. till now. I think it's perfect here for being quite Cheshire catty!

For any other details that you may wish to know but are not listed here, please feel free to ask! I'll be happy to elaborate with more information if you need it!

Technical Screen Capture:
WL & Wardrobe details for " Drink Tea!"

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