Friday, 15 January 2016

The Art Fish : A Story of Drag To Riches

Curious Kitties : Drag Makeover
"Congratulations! You are the winner of extreme make over!"
Every drag queen has to start somewhere!
Curious Kitties : Drag-licious
"Go full drag or nothing!"
She gets on some talent show like RuPaul's drag races - gets groomed and preened
Suddenly she's a whole other dolly!
Curious Kitties : All the world is a sofa!
"We are fameeleee, I got all my sistahs with me"
She is the supreme diva ; owning the stage even if she has to share it with more lipstick
Curious Kitties : Drag on and on...
"Drag on and on ...."
Finally she gets her 3 minutes on a talkshow where she might do a lipsynch to "Like a virgin" by Madonna
Or sit in a huge prop shoe on top of a bus and trek across the outback...

It's all an amalgam of dramatic things I'm fond of with a little of this thrown in ....

Technical Details : Wearing (Click to see larger image)
Technical Details : Windlight Settings (Click to see larger image)
Happy to provide any additional information you might need that may not have been mentioned as follows :
This story uses [ Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz* ] Drag Queen Avatar (From this round of Genre) and a real steal at L$100
*This item is 50% smaller then the Second Life default mesh.A complete doll avatar perfect for roleplaying and modeling.
Curious Kitties Unreal "Kittenz" type avatars are customizable with new hair, eyes & skins from Curious Kitties!
Also worn is :
Alice Project Butterfly Headset with Mic (Gacha)
BNB Miss Mary Jane Shoes Unrigged (from Marketplace)
Tintable Waist Belt (Partial from an old Vero Modero Outfit)
Clawtooth : Bride of Frankie (This was a Hair Fair gift)
Masoom - Anu Dress Flexi Skirt (also an oldie)

Nantra has made an AMAZING set of poses called Werk it that has been used in some of the shots here.

Other Prop Credits:
Little Llama - Kiss My... Lounger and Ode to Lipstick (From this round of Genre) < FAAHHHHBOOOOLUS
Kalopsia Hanging Stars
A.E Mesh Male Torso (MP)

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