Friday, 29 January 2016

The Fashion Fish : On things Shiny Shabby

Line up for January's round of Shiny Shabby 
As an event, Shiny Shabby is quite unique - drawing together some top designers who offer a diverse and interesting assortment of things to suit a wide variety of tastes.
There is often a Boho eclecticism to the collection that suits me to a T, and I'm always excited when a new round starts. There's also the fact that each round doesn't always have the same designers participating and it's possible to see what is new, talented and interesting around the grid here.
These are some fashion looks that I've put together from just this current January round :

Pop Portrait
Pop Portrait : Real Evil Ind (Gloves), Bauhaus Movement (Hat), Meva (Necklace)
Fetch ( ♫ Halcyon and on and on and on )
Fetch : Pure Poison (Hat) Amiable (Dress) Little Branch (Grass)

Shreded studies in Grey areas.
Shredded studies in Grey : Entwined (Hair) Rama (Dress)

Cold as eyes (Full)
Cold as eyes : Azoury (Hat)

Shiny Shabby isn't just a Fashion event. There are also quite a few furniture offerings as well as some amazing landscape pieces:

Mend (To Fix, To Repair)
Mend (Fix, Repair) : Kunst Workshop Gacha I & II
Like Moths to a Flame...
Like Moths to a Flame : Convair Pulley Lamp
SL2Flickr : In the presence of giants
In the presence of giants : Little Branch (Bald Cypress)

You can read more about this event on Shiny Shabby's awesome website Or take a look at the amazing Flickr streams! Shiny Shabby Bloggers and Shiny Shabby

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