Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Art Fish : Flights of Fantasy & Noble Creations

Together we can bring the storm
Together we can bring the storm I
I'm quite eclectic in my image making process and this is constantly influenced by the creations of others in my virtual adventures .
There's a sort of definitive aesthetic to classical fantasy images ala. dungeons and dragons. No doubt this had a large influence in my own approach in staging this shoot.

Together we can bring the storm II
Together we can bring the storm II

I love that transmutable nature of SL. One day vampire, next day warrior princess! Noble Creations (part of MFGC is the main inspiration for my classical Fantasy image today and this gorgeous gorgeous shoulder dragon from Katatonic (Just sized up!) The New Stuff :
From Noble Creations @ Secret Affair - Amazon Warrior Crown (Ends 29th Jan)
In Noble Creations Main Store : Pauldrons and Cape (sized for both M&F) as well as these Thief Boots (They are Unisex not rigged so you can resize them via inbuilt script )
Calico Hair makes some great hair that has this fantastical element to it and this one is 'Febe' from Hairlogy
 I'm using poses from An Lar poses. Both "Simpli III" and  "Honour" Series are from Shiny Shabby.
For Full details of WL, Outfit and Pose - See Screen Capture.

I thought I would also show you how I transform my original takes in SL and give them more drama.
The original screen shot for " Together we can bring the storm I"
I plan to increase the contrast in these pictures so when I take them,
I take them dark but light the models for contrast
This is most illustrated in the model's arm.
You can see I have set up two light sources (front and back)
 in order to create this outline of light.
For light reflections to work well in SL you must have advanced lighting on.
The original screen shot for " Together we can bring the storm II"
I created this set using " Welsh rock and cliffs" set from Fanatik
and surrounding the base with {anc} mist Heavenly Blue
I also set this up at about 1000m from ground in SL to achieve this horizon line effect
My own photograph of storm clouds above my own house ;-)
While it will be too innumerable to discuss what type of techniques I employed exactly in this little blog,
the main technique I use in Photoshop is layering.
To create more drama in my images,
I have layered over the storm clouds onto my images in order to achieve the end results.
Other details of note :
I'm using the corset part from a B@R outfit I also used in my steampunk dolly shoot taken long before I became a Genre designer myself!
The Axe is from an outfit by Poet's Heart called Barbaric. Unfortunately you're not able to see in these shots that it actually has a very ornate bear shaped handle.
The arm wraps are a gacha prize I won from an FGC round by DPD.

As always, I'm happy to help out with any other info you need regarding anything you see in my images and would like to know more about.

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