Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Fashion Fish : Lyrical B!zzare in full gear + Shiny Shabby's new round!

My Clockwork Heart
My Clockwork Heart
Please use style mode to begin... 2
Hello : Please use style mode to begin
Please use style mode to begin... 1
Hello :  I think I'm stuck on shop demo

Choonspiration :
I was listening to this track from "Fair Children" by OTT called The Bicycle Of The Sky and it seems as appropriately eclectic as the images I ended up creating.

Technicals :
I haven't captured the light settings on these as I was playing around with them so much I forgot to do so before I disassembled the set but I did capture the style notes as follows :

Model Style Notes 
Credits :
I've been meaning to use these fabulous robots I got in a round of gacha called "The Gathering". They're from Kalopsia and I didn't realise just how fabulous they were till rezzed!

Lyrical B!zzare is an amazing designer that really does just get better and better with her technical skills in creating these intriguing fashions. My inventory list reads likes an evolution of style from her brand. She's also incredibly generous as these fashions are full perms - meaning you can remix them as you like and even resell them if you wish.

In these images my modelling doll is wearing :
New Stuff:
Amacci Hair - Serena (Longer Bangs) <- I love that Amacci has some really vibrant colours in their colour packs.
!Lyrical B!zarre - Steam Love Choker & Whisp Dress.
Essenz Glasgow Ankle Booties (I'm using the ones for Maitreya)

Other Stuff :
Lelutka Simone Head with Maitreya Body and skinned with Ys&Ys Teresa (from last round of Shiny Shabby)
Desiree by Zibska - Berry Hat
B.C.C My Prince Clockwork Doll Key (Copper) Gacha
Also wearing The Mesh Project hands in their off the shelf form (TMD  offers their basic Mesh body for free so you can try it out.) They come with the revolving bands around them that sign " Please use style mode to begin"
Naminoke Candy Spoon Panda.

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