Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Discoveryfish : [Burley] Groovy Love Child

Since discovering [Burley] hair, D part of ourfish has been inspired by hippy fashion and as kissmet would have it - recently acquired this coat of groovy colours ( Orage Creations *OC* Peace Dream Jacket) from the "Peace on Earth" hunt thus

Cue Music : Pizzicato Five - Baby Love Child

When I see you alone,
I see what's in your mind.
You love me yes you do,
you don't need to tell me.
I know you love me most,
no one else take my place.
You need me, yes you do.
Forever, and ever.

We are in bed at night,
I can see what you want.
You want me yes you do,
I know how you feel,
you have all of my heart.
I give you myself.
Forever and ever

We are in love, baby love child
I take you so high, groovy love child
Give me a kiss, baby love child
Do it again

Fashion Direction :
*OC* Peace Dream Jacket
*COCO* Tube Top (black)

[Burley] Noel Platinum 01 (Tint purple)

*JD* Earrings Button Set
MTP Mens Luck and Faith beaded necklace
n-creation black beads
T&S beaded choker

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