Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Playfish : Zombie Santa Hunt

Zombie Santa Claus is coming to town… ZOMBIE SANTA HUNT

ZSH : Your mission if you choose to accept it...
Tragedy strikes in the heart of Nippon-Bashi and Love Soul Sim!
ZSH : I see, the plan is to kill zombies with cuteness! There is a Zombie Infestation but not to fear! Ourfish is on the case!
The cunning plan is to purify the Zombie Santas with cuteness!

Egads, the plan is MAD! It may just work!
A quick debriefing is called for...

Ourfish is injured in a boss level fight...

Those sneaky Zombie Santas come at you from the back!

Will Ourfish survive to cash in their gift tickets...?
Tune in to this space to find out!

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