Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Travelfish : Virtual Tourism & Feeling Winter in Alirium Gardens

" Baby it's cold outside..."

Alirium Gardens

There are many magical places to visit inside Second Life. If Linden Labs (LL) had a forestry commission marking spaces on the grid to be preserved for posterity ; then one of those spots must surely be Alirium Gardens which truly deserves to be notated as a place of outstanding artificial beauty.

It helps to think of Alirium Gardens as a virtual plant centre as that is its primary business. The flora and fauna available for purchase from this shop are really unique pieces of fantasy shrubbery that have often been used in other montages and landscape creations for precisely their dreamlike, surreal quality.

The gardens are seasonal, reflecting in the virtual - the times and climes of the real.

Ourfish visited the gardens again for perhaps the ninehundredthandbillionth, time taking along our virtual hasselblad for some clicks.
Photo Title : Monarch Of The Glen
Photo Title : Manga Midwinter
Photo Title : That Cottage In The Distance
Photo Title : Walking in a Whiteout Wonderland
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