Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Odd Fish : Sometimes Naughty Sometimes Nice (On Blogspiration and Sponsorship Deals)

I'm flexible
I'm Flexible
(Chair Prop, Bow Leather Gloves)

Quiet Time
Quiet Time
(Bookcase, Earrings)
Quite often it's the prop, dress or accessory that will inspire an idea for the images that I make. Lately though I've been thinking about this process and other such ponderings between what makes a fashion photograph different from an art photograph or a blog photograph and so on...
For someone like me, I do try to make images to please myself and often that treads a fine line between what will showcase a product and what will lend voice to my own artistic expressions.

I can certainly understand when sponsors make certain demands of bloggers such as requesting that outfits be shown clearly and in their entirety or similar. Lately there's been a profusion of blogger searches with an upfront list of demands such as :

– have a blog that is at least 3 months old

– are able to blog a minimum of 9 items over the course of 3 blog posts for each cycle

– are able to publish at least 1 post, within 3 days of the start of each cycle*

– are able to create high quality blog pictures to showcase the items from our event


☆ We are looking for quality reviews of all items in blog content with enticing descriptions and details of any events along with dates, landmarks and store locations.

You will be required to “Report” each blog on a Google Doc

The list goes on and often I feel there is very little empathy or consideration in this proceedings for bloggers as individuals; what their natures are like - how they blog and why and so on and so forth...

Bloggers themselves have to review their own integrity, why they might include something in review. I think they often try very hard to be inclusive to all designers in as much as they can be but often not to the satisfaction of Merchandisers.

What is the difference between :



Dauntless -  Sometimes when you fall you fly...

For example.

;-) I think I am guilty of overthinking things sometimes - so there are no conclusions here to this blog gentle readers... just a pause <3

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