Friday, 19 February 2016

The Fashion Fish : Current Events!

Anniversary Round_February // OPENING Feb 20th, 12 PM SLT
Shiny Shabby's Anniversary Round!
This upcoming round of Shiny Shabby promises to be most exciting given it's the Anniversary round with lots of great vendors celebrating the event and generously offering gifts to mark the occasion! Definitely not one to be missed!

There are a ton of things going on at the moment concurrently; such as 

Enchantment (Last Unicorn Themed)

The Hentai Fair (This event is brand new!)

To name a few, and you get the sense that spring has sprung with this immense burst of creativity flowering all over the grid (including Flower Power ).

I haven't managed to visit them all yet though if you're only just reading about these things, a really great website to visit for current news on events around Second Life is Seraphim.

I thought I'd blog about a few of the looks I've put together recently from some of the above events as follows :

Pitch Black (Float) ♫
Pitch Black (Float)
Pitch Black (Glow)
Pitch Black (Glow)
Pitch Black (Macro)
Pitch Black (Macro)

For the series "Pitch Black"

Preview for Shiny Shabby
MINIMAL Cheesire (Earrings, Necklace)

Items from Enchantment (Last Unicorn Round)
{S0NG} ::Vale:: Aqua Eye
Meva Claws (Silver) for Maitreya
E.V.E KOI Last Unicorn

Items from Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Light Dragon Shawl by {aii} (<3<3<3!!! from FGC)

Classic Stuff *
booN ED1998 Hair (Blonde)
CLAVv. Mechanical Ant Bulb Mono
All worn over Maitreya Lara 3.4 with 
Lelutka Simone using Ys&Ys Belinda Applier with Ys&Ys Sparkle Makeup 
Eyelashes (Free VIP Gift from Maitreya)

Items worn for "Pitch Black"

SL is a world where pigs can fly...
Pigs can fly
You can stand under my umbrella... ♫
You can stand under my umbrella
SL Unicorn Princess (Scene 3) - The Newbie
Unicorn Princess : Chirp chirp (1 of 3)
Whilst these set of images may seem quite unrelated, they were created around pieces of object d'art made by Noble Creations for the Cosmopolitan Showroom (On till 27th of Feb) as well as Enchantment.

For "Pigs Can Fly"
Noble Creations Aviator Hat (Out for cosmo round)
::K:: JD Overcoat (Unisex)
{Livalle} Chyna Lace up Platform Boot (Fits Maitreya Lara and others)
**RE** (Real Evil Industries) Bow Leather Glove

The Classic Stuff
ISON Side Lace Pants (in Tan) 
Remarkable Oblivion Ski Goggles (Carbon Rare) 
22769 Doublerocket Copper (Common) 
MadPea WPD Harry Hamhock

For "Unicorn Princess"
Noble Creations for Enchantment Princess Unicorn Headpiece
And Crystal Necklace
Featuring Livia from Calico Hair

Items worn for Unicorn Princess

*Classic stuff is what I label all items that are from past events, seasons or just generally older acquisitions. 
These may no longer be available for purchase at this time of writing. 

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