Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Le poisson du jour : Homebase in SL & Machinimation

Good Kitty (Now with Video!)
Good Kitty
Credits : This gorgeous fur coat comes from COCO and is out in Shiny Shabby at the moment.
(Bastet Head from Pixicat (Gacha Prize) together with TSG Good Kitty Collar and KC Shoes)

Bear with me :-)
I'm always finding something new to learn about blogging so this is kind of an elaboration on some of the things I've experimented with.

It's not always easy to blog about a piece of furniture from a practical point of view ie. how is it to use? I think the SL Grid and furniture makers are divided on this point.

On the one you have makers that excel in design and so the furniture looks great but isn't particularly full of animations that can be considered " Useful" in your Second Life experience.

On the other you have makers that excel in imagination but not execution. So perhaps their furniture looks less "chic" but is irrelevant to you from a role-playing/living point of view.

Then of course you have the few who are good at both - but this also comes with a price tag outside what you might be willing to invest in $L for.

Sometimes I live a little in both worlds in my SL experience ie. The highly aesthetic, "glam" world of art and design - and the more "I can imagine this cardboard box is a castle" world inhabited by people who play.

Somewhere in the middle perhaps is where we might find Homebase Furniture.

Coincidentally Homebase in the UK is the brand of a DIY/Sundries/Garden Centre chainstore.

This Lap dance chair from Homebase SL has a pretty worn and simple aesthetic. The shop does not, at this time of blogging , have a comprehensive presence on MP and any information I have managed to glean about them has been hard won! They have a facebook page  and an in world store which is interesting but slightly chaotic to navigate in. That's ok :) my brain is quite like that myself.

Made in 100%  Mesh, the chair comes in Black or Red and is scripted with AV Sitter to seat two persons without the need for messing around with poseballs. The two sitting arrangements can also work independently, with some single sits to choose from if you are in the chair, and a variety of dances to play with; if you are the entertainment. The chair I have featured here is described as Red but depending on your windlight settings, it can appear closer to being a sort of Russet brown.
There are not many simple casual poses in this piece as it dives straight into the action with a menu for Lap Dancing/Slave Dancing and Sex

To better illustrate the sort of animations you might find in the chair,
I've made this little machinima!

It's really quite a fun little thing and I hope it gives you a little tease. <3

It isn't too hefty land impact wise at a relatively slim 4LI with Copy Mod permissions. I can see this being quite good at clubs.

For the price which is $L250 it won't break the bank and the animations are mo cap. Also being scripted with AV Sitter means you can adjust and save your personal settings if you do not quite fit the animations in its default.

Homebase SL is part of the MFGC network of merchants across the grid.

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