Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Fashion Fish : Breeze & Divergent

Dauntless -  Sometimes when you fall you fly...
I've lots to write about really and my flickr stream is happily trickling along with all sorts of images I've made inspired by designers and events across the grid.

I have written a few blogs about Blue Moon Enterprises before and it's truly not hard to do as I find myself inspired by what they create and over such a vast range of items as well! I've been playing movie catchup over on Amazon prime. I'd seen "Divergent" on an aeroplane but never quite invested in its sequel. Still, as far as movies go - if you don't poke too many holes in the already thin plot, it's quite enjoyable.



The outfit in the above images is Breeze by BME  and has been crafted for the Fair Play event. The Fair Play event itself is an interesting one as it sets out to raise funds for Parkinsons and RFL .
This is one area in which  Second Life® might differ from other online "games".

I wanted to capture the details (and spirit) of Breeze - to show off the great leather/suede textures used together with the almost barely visible celtic pattern on the chest plate. These are things that I really admire and enjoy in creations - the subtle details that someone has thought off which you might hardly notice but that are there if you care to look. I'm very much that way myself.

The full outfit comes in several wearable parts - Skirt, Pants, Bustier and Arm Bracers. This enables you to mix and match your personal style. It is also fitted mesh* (for Slink though I've worn it in these pictures over Maitreya Lara) or to wear in full as in "Dauntless".

I've modelled it here with the Safeguard Necklace from Minimal which is out in Shiny Shabby (Till the new February round starts!) as well as this great new hairstyle (Arya) from Calico Hair for the We <3 RP event . This hair comes in two options for wearing and has a Hud that enables you to change the colours of the accessories in your hair. It also comes in a good range of different colour packs to suit most. It is rigged fairly well as you can see in the above images.

*Whilst this works fine for my photographs it may not wear as well with your AO.

Background for "Dauntless" was shot in Dead End

BME is part of the MFGC Network of Fantasy and Medieval ware merchants in Second Life.
More info on MFGC is on their website

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