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The Sad Fish : Nitro Fireguard Passes (7th November)

Saturday, 7 November at 2.10 pm Paris time my beloved Partner Nitro Fireguard passed away.Although I knew this was inevitable, it still was a shock. After all nobody wants to loose a loved one. The only redeeming thought is Nitro doesn't have to suffer these horrible pains anymore. For those who don't know: after almost a year of fighting, the cancer won and Nitro had to give up.
Dear Nitro you will always be in my heart.I thank you for the four awesome years we shared in Second Life as partners, in which we had lots of fun and joy working together to make Nitroglobus the gallery it is nowadays. We both had our own part in this: you Nitro, the artist who 'fitted' the main hall of our gallery for each exhibition with matching new mesh sculptures. I the curator, marketeer and host at our opening parties.   We almost always had the same taste which was soo cool to experience time after time.  
We made many friends among the artists exhibiting in our main hall as well as the guests who visited the gallery and our Sunday Cafe. Yes, our Second Life together was filled with lots of love for each other, our gallery and for the arts in general.
We communicated every day: hours of intense conversations about many many topics here in Second Life but also during the day in WhatsApp. We even met in Real Life Paris two times.  I am so glad we all met: you, me and both our RL partners. 
I will miss you terribly sweetie because YOU are/were my Second Life.Je t'aime mon cheriGros bisous and may you rest in peace

Joa sent me a song which expresses my present  feelings very well:

(The above is being distributed to all who visit the Nitroglobus at this time)

I heard this news via Bryn Oh's Immersivia on Wednesday 11th so this is a retrospective entry that I am writing in regard.

My memory is as together as a broken colander but I do not believe that Nitro Fireguard and I have ever met or exchanged words; or if we have then it would have only been in passing at some art exhibition opening or other in the Nitroglobus Gallery; run by the pair of Dido and Nitro.

Whilst I do not hold a memory of the man, I am acquainted with some of his art and consider myself fortunate to have known of him in this way. This entry is about sharing with you, gentle reader, a little of his art.

S.V and myself curate a motley collection of art things that we love and have a small gallery for no-one other than ourselves and close friends (at this point in time)

I remember the first time S.V put out a piece by Nitro and thinking it had such presence and depth of feeling which brings to mind again what Gormley had said about the power of sculpture. Each of the pieces we have on the homestead (Isle of Fatima- IOF) all own their places and in such a way that it is hard for me now to think of the Isle without them and vice versa... just as it saddens me to think of the world without the creative spirit of Nitro himself.

In a universe of universes, this was a man who had a unique voice that he shared through these slow animating giant forms; Pairs that vibrated with symbiotic tension as they grappled each other and floated in impossible space.
Changing Space Time Origin by Nitro Fireguard
Set to Deep Love by Mandalay (Nitin Sawhney Remix)
This was my first go at making a cliplet for the purpose of this tribute.

I highly recommend visiting the Nitroglobus Gallery if you get the chance; There you will encounter and experience these works for yourself.

Prior to making these two clips ; have had near zilch experience in making or producing machinima so do forgive its quality as I was learning on the fly. What I do hope comes across, is sentiment and suitable kudos for someone I shall no less miss. Through his art, I have found Nitro to be great, witty, human... He is celebrated, wonderful and ultimately -  unforgettable.

Don't let me go by Nitro Fireguard
Set to Ágúst by Ólafur Arnalds
This is probably my favourite piece and when I first set eyes on it I was quite quite moved.
This is also my second piece of Machinima and I hope it will give you a sense of the work from my POV.

ad perpetuam memoriam

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  1. Thanks soo much for this moving tribute for my beloved partner Nitro.
    Touches my heart.
    dikke kus