Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Art Fish : Sparkling lights and champagne seas

Lately I've been summer dreaming with:
Beach Dream I ビーチの夢
Beach Dream I - ビーチの夢 1.
Beach Dream II ビーチの夢
Beach Dream II - ビーチの夢 2.
I often complete my image making in Photoshop. It's essentially play for me and I like to experiment with creating effects on my original screen captures as part of my artistic expression.

I'm on Photoshop CC2014 currently and every version adds to my learning curve.
I've been trying out ways to fix the idea of a view point defining that third space ie. as seen from the narrative point of view; wanting to convey a sense of the frame itself through experiments in depth of field.

Feesh Wallpaper
Feesh Wallpaper

Kingyo 金魚
Kingyo 金魚
Production Notes :

For Beach Dream I & II 
Monso - My Hair - Minju (Brown)
ieQED chanel. pearl. Harness + Panties (Black)
All the above is available at Shiny Shabby's current round.

Dead Dolls  - Juliet Bra (Black) fits Maitreya Lara 

{anc} I'm Planet - Fish Puddle + Fish School in Pastel and Blue
{anc} Keybirds Y + R
tres blah - Bon Voyage - Vintage Camera
We're closed - Lounge Pillow Blue Stripe (also for pose)

Genesis Mesh Head (Julia in Milk - Sleep)
+ Maitreya Lara (Full)

For Kingyo and Feesh Wallpaper
From Calico Hair for  Fair Play (Magli)

Also :

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