Monday, 23 November 2015

The Fish Eye Lens : Composite Layering

Usagi and the Ephemera
"Usagi and the Ephemera"

Perhaps one of the things I most use with photoshop is layers. 
I like to experiment with creating composite images that I make in SL and often play with different windlights and shadows with a little of that " How to make a 3D image look even more 3D?" vibe to it - applying fabricated DOF and so on.

Final Composite

The Layers
As you can see, the final image consists of many component "bits"

Background Image (Original)
Layer 1 (Original) applied over background with Color properties
(This layer has also been blurred for the composite)
Layer 2 (Original) applied over Background and Layer 1 with Color Dodge properties

Credits :
Little Branch "Wildforest" from Shiny Shabby (out now) 

Cotton Bunny and Ephemera by anc

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