Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Big Fish : Art In Hats 2015

For Art In Hats. I've designed 3 exclusive noggin decorators. Get yours now!
I do apologise for my absenteeism.
The more interesting news is not the why I left but the now I'm back!

What I'm currently doing :
I'm participating in Art in Hats (4th till 14th November) and have created the above three pieces as event exclusives for which a portion of the proceeds shall go straight into the coffers of the American Diabetes Association.
You can read more information about this on Art In Hats - 2015

I think with blogs and flickr and life in general , you experiment as you figure things out for yourself. What you want to do, what you don't want to do and so on. I've been having an interesting year that's been in pursuit of other adventures outside of the realm of the virtual aesthetic and as serendipity would have it - find myself currently tangled with an other whose passion for art (amongst other things) inspires me to examine my own.

I'd like to take this opportunity too to thank both Lyrical B!zarre and Shortcake Sugarplum. These ladies have always faithfully sent their creations my way - despite my long absence from blogging.
I'm full of admiration for them as their own creative spirit seems tireless! Lyrical is also participating in the same event with the following offerings :

Hat Ballet
(featuring Danette Hat by Lyrical B!zarre)

Taste The Rainbow
(featuring Adele Hat by Lyrical B!zarre as well as Butterfly eyes by no.7)

Moodlight Sonatta
(featuring Trey Dress and Chloe Hat both by Lyrical B!zarre)
On a side note , all the above have been taken with my donning a completely mesh avatar which is all the rage in the virtual photography world because of how 'materials' and advanced lighting works in SL. (Will broach more on this subject at a later date)

Thank you for reading.

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