Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Fashion Fish : Urban Pirate & Other LOTD's

Playing virtual dress-up is fun!

Urban Pirate

Land Ahoy

Production Notes :
The Glad Rags 
Ascend Fringed Out Cardigan  - Ascend are debuting at Shiny Shabby in this upcoming November Round (Starts 20th Nov.) I absolutely adore this piece for its texturing, model and attention to detail. Also as a boon, it fits well over Maitreya Lara (seen here)
Wanderlust  Tugged Panties (Noir)
JD Boho Vintage (Brick) - There's a quirk with this model of boots from Just Design. When wearing with high socks, the Maitreya Model boots don't actually fit with the socks. You need to wear the Belleza ones (also included in package) as far as I can tell , this is a glitch that hasn't been fixed and later updates simply include a notecard explaining this match-up.

The Blinnnng 
B@R Geargun Halster (Free Gift) from Bare Rose Tokyo. Occasionally I'll go browsing June Dion's amazing creations, They have a random prize giver in store and this is one of those gifts that you get just for being there!
ieQED pirate doubloon hoop earrings and necklace - Very lovely textures and attention to detail here - Gacha
Alchemy Pirate Hat (Forest) also a Gacha Prize although this one I got as a gift from Luly Soup who is a fellow gachaholic
MINIMAL Captain, Red & Green Pirate rings + Indian Pirate bracelet all Gacha Prizes available at Shiny Shabby 
Bliesen + MaiTai NousSommesUnis - B + M created this as a simple gesture in the aftermath of 13/11/2015 Paris. This is available for free at their flagship store.
Remarkable Oblivion Photographer's Eye

The Pets
Mesh Parrot (Marketplace Cheapie - Probably a free model if you trawl the web and are clever enough to upload it yourself)
[Black Bantam] Baby Monkey - Peanut (Squeeeeeeee! This primate is really adorable and one model of a few as Gacha from Kustom 9) If you missed this Gacha I suggest trawling MP or  the Gacha Yard sales to pick a copy up for yourself!

The Urban Pirate(s)
Nebraska Oddfish (Maitreya Lara, Lelutka Head - Aria)
Angel Leitner (TMP-ness and Model's own stuff)
Calico Hair - Larya (Old school flexi prim hair but it works!)

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