Friday, 7 February 2014

The Fashion Fish : The Men's Dept. (Feb)

 Once you go mesh...
With a 500px dimension , this is about as good a closeup as its going to get here in this blog.
Check out the full pic below for a higher resolution image!
Dog's best friend. - Notice how jarring this portrait now makes non-mesh?
Of particular note in this round's TMD is Labyrinth skin's Mesh Ryker Head. Curiosity got me gender bending to give this one a go.

Now having recently helped along another style disabled guy towards a more beautiful Second Life, I feel qualified enough to offer my humble 2p on the subject of male aesthetics.

Ryker is a pretty cool looking bloke and has plenty of bang for buck considering - ($L300 for mesh head plus skins in hairy, smooth and happy trail is a serious bargain!)
Fantastic details for the detail ho such as pores, that slightly gaped pout, old scars, laugh lines etc...
Whilst I couldn't locate the "Seduction HUD" that would enable a more fully featured experience (this was not available at the store when I visited), you can attain relatively instant hunkiness without too much fuss using this system of matching skins and heads.
Works great if you're not too fussed about having cookie cutter good looks.

Because mesh is just so much more of a HD experience than the rest of low fidelity SL, you definitely need to be wearing mesh eyes with it. As luck would have it, you can get some lovely ones by {S0NG} in this same round. Caveat Emptor - You really need to be able to know how to adjust, resize and tweak the textures to fit just over your system eyes. Definitely not a project for the perma-noobie.

Other details :
Argrace RYO (New)
Labyrinth - Ryker Mesh Head

Birdy Boston Buddy (Cuddle)
Zenith Love Heart leather Bracelet
DECO Fedora Coconut
OIII Jeans
[monso] My Neck Warmer - Black

{S0NG} Lovelee - Toad Eye


  1. What hud did you use to texture Ryker's Head. I have that head and Ash Head. They both required a $2,000 hud and each head cost me $400ls. Not much really but the results have been terrible. I used the Labyrinth- Mesh Head HUD (SEDUCTION Series) - Sunkissed and just hate the way that looked. Heads can't be textured any other way can they? Just a newbee asking

  2. Thought I might add ... You did a great job on your AV. Looks perfect. I just want to get a mesh head working lol