Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Art Fish : Shape of my heart

Shape of my heart (FINESMITH, 22769, Culprit 21)
Shape of my heart
Shape of my heart (Detail)
Sometimes the problem... (or perhaps the word isn't a problem as much as it is sometimes a rather difficult challenge)
Starts again.

Sometimes the challenge I have with blogging and making images in sl is to create an image that does the works of someone-else some justice. Because their work is so amazing, I don't want to make it look horrible with my own efforts - thus it can take some time to come up with an idea.

Shape of my heart is a dress that Finesmith released specially for the Love is in the air event (organised by Gizza) which was set to coincide with Valentines. Whilst messing around with trying to get a good capture on this amazing dress, I found that in certain angles, the wings of this creation actually formed a heart and that is what I set out to attempt to illustrate.

Shape of my heart inspiration.
I noticed that in some angles, you could get the wings to form a <3 shape.
To try to maximise this idea, I created this pose specially for this shoot.
Often times my own real life photography features in my virtual art.
This is an image I took of one of those amazing sky days and used in the end image.
Fashion Notes :
Shape of my heart by FINESMITH for Love is in the air event.
Full ensemble includes dress though for my shot, I styled this differently using
Noir Body Scarf from 22769 - one of my favourite pieces of wardrobe out of TGGS event
Worn alongside shoes from 21 shoe event by Culprit's Koikoi 
NJ wears Glam Affair's Luria Skin.
And meanwhile...

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