Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Art Fish : Latest Projects

Some time last year I decided to explore a different aspect of SL building and creation and that is cosmetic avatar enhancement. This was really born out of my interest in role-play and theatrical make-up. Under the brand "PalomaSnow Aesthetics", my product range consisted of a few experimental eccentricities such as shaved hairbases, hand tattoos, zits and acne scars as well as mesh black eye lenses. I've added to the range this year with two new hand tattoo designs now made to compliment Slink mesh hands as well as being able to be worn as tattoo versions.
These are :

Mehndi designs for Slink Hands : Blossom

Vine II
Mehndi designs for Slink Hands : Vine II
Current Project :
Avatar eyes are something of an obsession of mine as their creation inevitably creates quite interesting philosophical ideas and questions such as :
Why do some eyes look more alive than others?
Are virtual eyes the windows into your Avatar's soul?

And other such idle nonsense *grins*

Having started the GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) range of contact lenses last year.

My current project is going back to the drawing board and creating a range of ocular cosmetics starting with my idea of a blind eye :

Test draft of eye lens based on my research into blindness caused by Glaucoma 
Back to the drawing board again : I've created a new eye template for  in-world use.

Draft of my new eye template for a series of eye'esque experiments
Beta test of my blind eye contact lens worn over IKON system eyes.

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