Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Art Fish : Spoilers

Peanuts on demand offered as prize...
What I enjoy about the Sl Flickr community is that there is usually always something challenging to participate in to spur your own creativity forward. Quite often all this effort is without gratis with the organiser being personally out of pocket.

I like [ContraptioN] though oddly, I missed the announcement of this contest, only catching it rather much later when I was pursuing the individual streams of persons on my Flickr contact list.
What's great about this particular contest is that it sets out to combine the aural with the visual and that is something which I find an interesting process in itself. 

A list of music is provided to choose from and I ended up always coming back to :

Being that it's the first time I'd ever heard of this tune (or Iron Sky for the matter), I'm quite grateful for the new experience! I have no idea just how the music (from Kaiti Kink Ensemble) relates to the film of the same title, save that the band had a lot of positive feedback from fans.

Iron Sky on the other hand, is a film that comes across as a spoof 
"The Nazis set up a secret base on the dark side of the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018." - IMDB

What I do love is a good 'ole surreal sci fi flick and this seems to be ticking all of those boxes. The music certainly adds to the drama - with the huge orchestrations and sentimental lyrics; a good 'visual' choon to get into.

I love the really distinct pronunciation of the word " Iron" in the song - which differs greatly from my pedestrian experience of it which sounds more akin to this

Art and Music are quite a personal and subjective experience - influenced by the beholder and laden with derivative meanings. So whilst I may have had my own reasons and motivations of putting together the outfits and creating this composition, they don't really matter all that much in the end.
So here are a few production notes :

One of several RAW takes for the image which was later composited together
with a background I created from a view out of an airplane window and a starry sky
Cue Drama - My Final Image created specially for this challenge
Cue Drama Up Close -  This isn't the same image zoomed in , but rather an entirely different composition
meant to detail the relationship between the two figures. 

Photo Credits :
[ContraptioN] *ocean* Maritime Division Uniform Sweater (from Steam Hunt 6 I think - yeah total SL ho-arder)
[ContraptioN] Wainright Glasses (from TMD current round)
Tee*fy Epoch Legend Unleash The beast Belt Body Suit (from Epoch - a while ago)
*LE* MattiePitt Steampunk Wings (from Genre)
CPD Prof Grieferschock's Auto Cauterizing Glove (from FutureWave)
AZE Voice Modulator (from FutureWave)
AZOURY Succubus Heels (Nougat) + JD My Feet Tip Toe
[INK] Hair - Against : Baige (from TMD previous round)

Zibska  - Dagmar Outfit ~ Vapour (From Future Wave)
ZIbska  - Asrid Headpiece (Version1 of 2)
ISD DarkNet F White Hair  (for L$1 demo and promo version from Future Wave)
DRD Mechanical Fairy Wings - Steam Wings Iron 
ieQED Hand Spike - (from The Surreal Complex - Art Section)
*Illusions* Sylph ears

Prop : 
Flat Iron Sculpty - From MP : 

Events LM's of current rounds ( These are time sensitive and only accurate at time of writing)

Futurewave (Feb 15th - 23rd)
Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/37/171/968

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