Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Art Fish : Duality

Just an aside, I'm very honoured to have been invited both by {anc} and Pure Poison to blog for them.
This recent partnership has led to the inspiration of a number of new images as follows :

{anc} or art named capering by anc aki, is participating in The Arcade which is the MUST go to event of the Gachaholic calendar . The parasol in this image is one of several prizes to be got from {anc}'s Butterfly's Dream Gacha Coincidentally the dress Dita Doll wears in this image , created by Pure Poison is also another participant in this event!
The mechanical butterflies in this image come from an Arcade edition past gacha by LWL (insect collection)

Also another gacha from {anc} - I love the surreal things that anc's Aki comes up with , such as these chocolate making chairs which I've upsized in world for this image. This and the spoon can be got from {anc} Lapin edition gachas

This image celebrates pure joy and whimsy. Created using the penny farthing I got from the Victorian round of Genre
as well as an Arcade gacha prize from Boogers .  The gorgeous red hat which was an accent must for this image comes from Pure Poison's Misaki Couture Hat and an {anc} Lapin (0) also makes its appearance.

And finally,  just a simple portrait shot for my Chocolate Alice in Lapin Land series of images. The beautiful collar worn by Dita Doll here is from Kreao of Cubic Cherry who is also another power house of designing. They also just get better and better with every new release! Also seen here is Lapin (09) from anc together with spoon from same gacha set. I love the details and texturing! The rabbit ears that Dita Doll wears come from an Arcade past edition gacha by Halogen Magic

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