Monday, 14 November 2016

The Big Fish : Getting back to it.

Hello 'O loyal blog reader.

Long time no type and I do apologise for being such a faithless blogger. Whilst I have not had much to write, my flickr is still an  interesting visual experiment on my part and one that I really do enjoy on a good day.

Life happens and our priorities are goal posts that keep shifting as we grow and change. I do know that I am preaching to the choir here so I'll sum this all up to simply say that I am getting back to things again. Creating, making images and peeking a little out of my shell.

Also, in this  resurfacing I'd like to post kudos to these amazing creators who continue to inspire me with their creations.

1) !Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Store :

About :
It is a real privilege to have gotten to know the creative powerhouse that is Lyrical. Her style is avant garde, challenging and encapsulates what is unique about designing fashion for a virtual world. Throw away your limitations and inhibitions of real life. Wear the impossible made real.

One of my latest images inspired by Lyrical Bizarre
Featuring Letty Headpiece from !Lyrical B!zarre Templates.

2) Noble Creations
Store :
About: I met with this team of designers from my participation in the now unfortunately defunct MFGC. NC are fantasy merchants, doing amazing design from medieval to pure fairy tale all in the highest quality mesh with surprisingly low LI which makes it great for decorating your usually LI virtual heavy castle!

One of my latest images inspired by Noble Creations
Punky Fish II ♬
Inspired by the Muse Set for Fantasy Gacha is Noble Creations
 Also these amazing steampunk influenced feeshys from Doubletwosevensixnine by Manuel Ormidale (Out in main store) Thank you so much!

3) Calico Hair
Store : (New Location)
About: Calico Ingmann is really creative in her hair designs which are mostly fantastical in nature with brilliant braids and general "largeness" as part of her repertoire. She also does awesome beards! The best way to look up Calico hair is to visit her inworld store as she doesn't really keep up with all the other social media avenues.

One of my latest images inspired by Calico Hair
Humming Birds & 初夢
Inspired by Kinsey Hair from Calico
This image also features another brilliant SMD designed dress :  Calista Rain Gown

4) Silvan Moon Designs
Store :
About: My relationship with this designing duo of BME and White Armory is newest and again springing from my involvment with MFGC though the experience so far has been amazing. They design luxuriant and detailed costumes in fitted mesh for several of the major mesh body brands. I admit to feeling a bit like a kid at x'mas each time they send a blogger pack my way! <3

One of my latest images inspired by SMD
The last glass of regret...
The last glass of regret
From Silvan Moon Designs - Evangeline Windlace Gown (Bodice,Hat, Jacket, Overskirt and Skirt) is for Fantasy Gacha Carnival's November Round.

5) Genre
About: Unlike the above links, Genre is a monthly creation round in which various designers create items based on a theme or genre. In this event I participate as a creator more than a blogger.

One of my latest images inspired by Genre Creators.
My dollys are wearing MUSE hair from this Genre 's Lovecraftian round Masks are still from Lyrical but with my own textures for this image

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