Friday, 18 November 2016

The Art Fish : SL Viewer Shoot

My firestorm viewer seems to have borked for a while now, I have been unable to take any Hi-Res images with shadows and depth of field switched on. Which is a pity because I think FS. has such a great UI and is extremely SLtographer friendly.
So for now I've gone back to using the Official SL viewer to take images as follows :

Dark Garden/Guardian
I was channelling Garden of Gethsemane type stuff in this image.

Dark Garden/Guardian
Close up : You can see that SL shadows have come a long way!

Credit Roll :
New! More Info :
From Noble Creations - Dark Guardian Consists of three main components
[NC] - Dark Guardian - Calf Pieces (L+R)
[NC] - Dark Guardian - Thigh Pieces (L+R)
[NC] - Dark Guardian - Gold - M (In standard size Xs, S, M, L)
From Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Muse Set
[NC] - RARE - Muse Golden Bra

New! More Info :
MINIMAL - Angel Crown

Other Stuff I'm Using:
*PH* disordered hair // 2
*COCO* MyDollKit_Amanda_Peach_Head(ClosedEyes)
+ MyDollKit_Peach Body
IKON Perspective Eyes - Oxidation (S)
Main Prop :
Wicked Thorns (Seriously! This thing is the BOMB)
From MP

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