Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Fish Eye Lens : Water Colour FX II - Breaking it down.

So this is my second attempt at the previous technique and I think I have more of a handle on the idea. Essentially, it helps to think of the water colour technique itself which is ink on wet. Using a few strokes of the brush to gesture a form by suggestion rather than detail. (Is my theory).
  Steampunkette ( Watercolour Fx II) + Blog  
 Here are my notes.

Original Image taken in SL.
New! from SMD. Victoria Faun Gown Set (For Maitreya) in Maroon
Maitreya Mesh Body
Meva Vintage Necklace Brown
PIXEL BOX - Steampunk Monocle Right
Calico Hair : Theia (Just Hair Version)
.ID. Bright Eyes / SM / Earth
Step 1) Is to mask out the main areas of colour and whilst doing so...
create textures by playing with the density of your mask.

Step 2) Is to create a general water colour background to sit your figure into.

Step 3) Is a process of blending, painting in and unmasking your figure
to reveal or hide details according to your own artistic direction
You can save these brushes that I created for this project for your own experiments.

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