Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Sad Fish : Beauty is ephemeral...

The Eternal Carousel
Lucia made the following announcement earlier today in the WEG blogging group :

Dear bloggers
Today, I have a sad announcement to you.
I will end the production activities in SL.
I will not release new products in the future probably.
Therefore, I will be dissolved this blogger group.
I am also considering the closure of the SIM, but it is not decided yet.
I'm so sorry.
thank you for your all supports.

Lucia Genesis

I feel completely bereft and will miss her creations and unique style dearly. As the future of WEG is as yet uncertain , I really felt compelled to take my virtual hasselblad over there and snap some images of this beautiful SIM.

A place beloved (World's End Garden)
Lucia has a keen eye for detail - such as this gem of a painting echoing the build
A place beloved (World's End Garden)
A garden for all seasons - World's End Garden features wonderfully photographic views
It has often been used as a destination for photo shoots (including my own)
A place beloved (World's End Garden)
I have taken a shot of this particular space many times and yet everytime I go back ,
there always seems something more - a different way of seeing ...
Distant Figure Drawing...
An example of the above scene  same space in a different windlight on a different day
A place beloved (World's End Garden)
Funny how a change in windlight can bring about things you missed in other settings.
I had never noticed that the sky was filled with shooting stars before *
*captured in a different shot from this one

The SLURL for visiting this sim is :

World's End Garden

Update (4th Oct) : The end of this beautiful place will be 18/10/2013 

the end of the "World's End"

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