Monday, 14 October 2013

The Art Fish : Día de Muertos and Sugar Skulls.

So it all started with seeing this :
The Stringer Mausoleum - Death's Devotion Gacha
A Gacha Made by Helena Stringer
Though really really ... what I would LOVE is a doll head with an applier system for different faces and makeups! But I digress. The above muse resulted in :
The Arm Chair
The Arm Chair
Consisting of several objects that I've been longing to blog about. (Object credits will follow at the end!) as well as 
Sugar Coma
Sugar Coma
I really like this pic for being tongue firmly in cheek :-) Ofcourse as I write this , Doll Coco's are still a single vendor product and the sugar skull makeup used here is completely hand painted by me using my skillz. I made some brushes to do sugar skull patterns with and will share that in a later blog (promise!)

Meanwhile the credits roll :
(Is being updated and checked please check back later for info.)

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