Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Le poisson du jour : OMG, my $L's have all magically disapparated!

Eye Spy
Eye Spy
Zibska Sorren Necklace
Yasum Babe's Romper is rigged for Dollies! (Very very exciting and fits perfect!)
Curio Obscura Abomination Peeper Boots (Witchy)
Remarkable Oblivion - Scissor Hands (Love!) + Magicians Hat (from OMG)
Fairy Hair from Boudoir
Beetlebones Wizarding Puertorican Toad 

Accio Goldfishy!
Accio Goldfishy!
Props are mostly gacha prizes from all over the grid namely The Arcade, Chapter Four, Fantasy Gacha Carnival etc :
Lark Imaginarium "Sea" Bookcase with Assorted Gacha Books.
Ziganna Branch Light (@ Chapter Four) + Ziganna Packaging (used as book and paper prop)
Antique Book Stacks (Part from FIMA by Flair @ My Attic
Elate Wine and Glasses (@ The Arcade June)
("Horror" from Cheeky Pea Bookends Gacha @ 24)

Frogbit : "She hasn't got a really good track record for turning frogs to Princes..."
(from Beetlebones @ Wizarding Faire )

Trickster Pixie : "Take cover people!"
(from Balaclava @ The Arcade June)

Lady Shine : "Think I'll just hide under here"
(from Bryn Oh @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Cauldron (Retextured in this photo but a fantastic freebie on marketplace

Sugar to Monkey Tiki Mug : "Relight my fire!"
Monkey Tiki Mug *saucy saucer nibbling* (Both from Nylon Outfitters @ The Arcade Sept 12/13)

Fortune Telling Ball to Fawn Owl : "You will be going on a long journey..."

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