Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Art Fish : On clones, mechanoids and the premise of Art.

Embryonic 1
It's funny to myself, how a change in ones own mindset can result in a burst of creativity or inspiration. I suppose it should have been obvious to myself really; given my main occupation is about branding and rebranding for the matter. Anyway I digress...

One of the new things I'd like to blog more about is my own personal explorations in using virtual media to create valid art. Over on my flickr I mentioned a little about how intrigued I am by the idea of identity and the homogenic. This also spills  over to wider ideas that swim around the central theme of intellectual copyright and original thought. (Yes bear with me - my mind makes those sorts of connections!) I'm likely to blab about that now and again too!

So this series echoes a lot of varied ideas.
Creatively - it went something like this :

D thinks .o(Hmmm I wonder what embryonic dolls dream of...)
Later that day...
This idea of android dreams are something of a penchant and based in part on my recollections of things I used to dream up in childhood. The mecha-doll fish also has some reference to my fondness for Michael Manning's Hydrophidian
Embryonic-3 : Mecha-Amonite I
Embryonic-2 : Mecha Amonite I
Embryonic-3 : Mecha-Amonite II
Embryonic-3 : Mecha Amonite II
Embryonic-4: Mecha-Kraken
Embryonic-4 : Mecha Kraken
Embryonic-4a: Mecha - Amonites in tank
Embryonic-4a : Mecha-Amonites in Tank

I thought it would be nice to share some personal techniques in the form of a PSD formatted file which you are free to use, remix and redistribute (non commercially). I created the glass marble sphere in Embryonic 2 from a number of hand drawn layers and composites which I am placing here for you to play with. Have fun and don't forget to let me know if you found it useful.

<3 The Dita fish.
Thank you for visiting
Original PSD for free use

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