Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Goodbye Ourfish... Hello Oddfish!

Ourfish (Our"ish) (?)a.
1. Caring supremely or unduly for one's chosen clique/friends/group; regarding its comfort, advantage, etc...

Originally, this blog started as a joint project though over the course of its span it has mostly been about my contributions to it. Just on a personal level - it became something of a wall for me to write with that mindset of being part of a non-functioning group of authors.

Life happens too and so a culmination of events has led to this poor cyber journal, languishing in its small corner of cyberspace.
Having found the time to tidy house so to speak; I've decided to reclaim this project as my own and to write in a more personable style instead of in third person reportage. I also wanted to keep aspects of the blog the same; being true to how it started - which was on account of someone inspiring and challenging me to do better.

A new definition :
Dita did a blog-over

Odd fish

noun someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group [syn: kook]

I have always been known as a bit of an odd fish and in fact - a lecturer at my University once described me as a genuine kook.  I thought it appropriate usage of the term for this new phase in the life cycle of a blog and my second life. 

I officially blog for World's End Garden and the wonderful creations by Lucia Genesis who has inspired many of my images on Flickr. It is genuinely a great match and I couldn't be happier!
A recent image I created with the use of WEG's Baroque Horns
Lucia's Flickr

WEG Stores : 

There is no getting  over the fact that whilst I will blog about fashion, art still remains my central passion. Having realised this - I feel that the content of this blog is more likely to lean on the side of being a compliment to my picture making endeavours; far more than it is likely to be about anything else.

I'd certainly like to blog for more creators whom I find inspiring in my picture making process and if my style of blogging fits in line with your aspirations as a designer in second life then I would be quite happy to hear from you.

Thank you very much for continuing to read OPO.
With <3

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